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CPH Transport & Highways Decision Session
Thursday 5th March 2009 2.00 pm

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Decision Reference
Report Status
Speed Limit Review
Decision Maker
Cllr G E Richards
Decision Date
05 March 2009
Report Author
Jim Harte
Purpose of Decision
To advise on the outcome of the Speed Limit Review of the A & B Classified Roads in the Borough and seek approval to consult on the proposed speed limit changes.
Decision Taken
The Cabinet Member agreed to: -
(i) note the results of the speed limit review;

(ii) agree the relative priorities for the links with proposed speed limit changes set out in Appendices A and B;

(iii) approve the policy for consulting and advertising the proposed speed limit changes, indicated in paragraphs 1.3.7 - 1.3.10 and Appendix E;

(iv) Agree to receive further reports detailing the outcome of the consultation and advertising of the speed limit proposals;

(v) Agree, if there are links with no outstanding objections from the consultation and advertising process, to commence implementing those speed limit changes, subject to funding being available; and

(vi) Agree that approval should be sought from the Cabinet Member for Resources for £25,000 (the remaining amount from the £50,000 budget allocated for the review of speed limits in Solihull), to be put into an earmarked reserve and used to complete the review in 2009-10.
Date Decision Effective
13 March 2009
Policy framework/budget And Financial implications
As per report.
Additional approvals
Is this a Key Decision?
The police have been consulted and support the outcome of the speed limit review on A and B classified roads within the Borough.
Further consultation will be in line with the policy outlined in paragraph 1.3.7 - 1.3.
Relevant Scrutiny Board
Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Board
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Decision effective
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