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CPH Transport & Highways Decision Session
Thursday 2nd September 2010 2.00 pm

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Decision Reference
Report Status
Speed limit review of C classified and unclassified (Local) Roads (Including Hob Lane, Lady Lane and Wood Lane)
Decision Maker
Councillor D Jamieson
Decision Date
02 September 2010
Report Author
David Lechemere
Purpose of Decision
Report on the outcome of the Speed Limit Review of all C Classified and Unclassified (local) roads, where the exsisting speed limit exceeds 30mph, and to seek approval to consult on and advertise any resulting speed limit proposals, if and when resources permit.

Advise of those roads that meet the criteria for consideration as a designated Quiet Lane; and

Respond to specific requests for speed limit reductions on Hob Lane, Lady Lane and Wood Lane.
Decision Taken
The Cabinet Member agreed to:
(i)Note the recommendations of the C Classified and Unclassified (Local) Road Speed Limit Review, included at Appendix A;
(ii)Approve the policy for developing a 5-year plan, consulting upon and advertising any proposed speed limit changes, as indicated in paragraphs 1.3.7 & 1.3.8;
(iii)Agree that, subject to resources being available, individual recommendations can be advertised at any time over the next five years and that, providing that there are no outstanding objections, they can be implemented;
(iv)Agree to receive further reports detailing any objections received following the consultation and advertising of any resulting speed limit proposals, to include progress updates;
(v)Agree to receive a further report in September 2011 assessing the feasibility of designated Quiet Lanes on those roads indicated in Appendix A, as discussed in paragraphs 1.3.21 and 1.3.22; and
(vi)Agree that officers may liaise with the Department for Transport to explore the possibility of implementing a rural zonal speed limit pilot scheme, as recommended in paragraphs 1.3.28 and 1.3.29; and
(vii)Agree to receiving an annual report setting out progress against this 5-year plan.
Date Decision Effective
10 September 2010
Policy framework/budget And Financial implications
The Scoping Study for the review of speed limits on local roads cost £1,655 and formed part of the revenue budget as outlined in the Budget Strategy 2008/2009.
The total cost of conducting the review was estimated to be £25,000 in the scoping study; £19,620 specifically for carrying out the review with an additional £5,380 for data collection. The cost has already been met from the appropriate revenue budgets of both 2009/2010 and 2010/2011.
It is anticipated that the relatively small cost of consulting and advertising will be met from within an existing revenue budget during the appropriate financial year.
It is proposed that the cost of designing and implementing approved speed limit changes on local roads will be included within the Local Transport Plan (LTP) capital budget over the next five years. The LTP programme, and associated costs, is set out annually and expenditure is monitored through monthly progress reports.
The potential cost of introducing all of the recommended speed limit changes is estimated to be in region of £200,000.
However, it is likely that the Council will experience significant financial constraints over the next few years and that many recommended speed limit changes will not be implemented. As discussed in Section 1.3, the number of new speed limits that are advertised and implemented will depend on the availability of funding and relative priority compared to other projects.
Additional approvals
Is this a Key Decision?
The Police have been consulted and their views have been taken into consideration. The Police fully support the outcome of the C Classified and Unclassified (Local) Road Speed Limit Review.
Further consultation on individual proposals will be in line with the policy outlined in paragraphs 1.3.7 - 1.3.9.
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