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CPH Stronger Communities & Partnerships Decision Session

This page lists the meetings for CPH Stronger Communities & Partnerships Decision Session.


Information about CPH Stronger Communities & Partnerships Decision Session

Primary Responsibilities:

Locality and neighbourhood working

Crime & disorder

Crime reduction

Community Safety

Partnership working with Emergency Services on Community Safety issues

Anti-Social Behaviour

Public Health - Environmental Health enforcement

Health & Safety enforcement

Trading Standards including Consumer Empowerment; Business Compliance; Doorstep Crime and Weights and Measures Authority

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

Bereavement Services (Cemeteries and Crematoria)

Voluntary Sector Relationships

Licensing – performance and resources

Community Leadership

Democratic Renewal


Fair Trade

Customer Services


Council Plan Key Programmes which align to the portfolio

Creating the Conditions for Communities to Thrive – specifically the projects/activities for:

·  Implement a locality working framework, including work with local leaders to redefine their community leadership roles.

·  Developing an integrated community based approach to enable people to start and live well

·  Tackling loneliness and social isolation through a coordinated community based approach

·  Co-design a new place and a new model of service delivery to improve community well-being and health in Kingshurst  (joint with Managed Growth)



Agendas, Meetings and Minutes


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