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Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

Alternatively you can visit the officer decisions page for information on officer delegated decisions that have been taken by council officers, or the old decisions page to view decisions which have been published in the past.

Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Solihull Community House Delivery Plan and Vision ref: 445731/03/202009/04/20200
Extension of the contract for Umbrella Sexual Health Services (UHB) ref: 444231/03/202009/04/20200
Questions and Deputations ref: 444431/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Housing Allocation Scheme ref: 444331/03/202009/04/20200
Declarations of Interest ref: 444531/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Apologies ref: 444631/03/202031/03/2020Not for call-in
Representation from Opposition Spokespersons ref: 445630/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Review of Neighbourhood Proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy Bidding Process ref: 445430/03/202008/04/20200
Question and Deputations ref: 445130/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Declaration of interest ref: 445030/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Apologies ref: 444930/03/202030/03/2020Not for call-in
Memorial Permit Fees ref: 445230/03/202008/04/20200
Revenue & Capital Monitoring Q3 ref: 445330/03/202007/04/20200
Mortuary & Pathology Services ref: 445530/03/202008/04/20200
Revenue and Capital Monitoring 2019/20 as at 31st December 2019 ref: 444125/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Pecuniary or Conflicts of Interest ref: 443625/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in
Issues and Recommendations from Scrutiny Boards ref: 443825/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in
Authority Monitoring Report ref: 444025/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in
First Homes Consultation Response ref: 443925/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in
Questions and Deputations ref: 443725/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in
Recommendations from Committees ref: 428204/02/202004/02/2020Not for call-in
??Questions and Deputations ref: 442924/03/202024/03/2020Not for call-in
Declarations of Interests ref: 442824/03/202024/03/2020Not for call-in
Apologies and Substitutions ref: 442724/03/202024/03/2020Not for call-in
Proposal to create a secondary age additionally resourced provision at Tudor Grange Academy - Solihull ref: 443024/03/202002/04/2020Call-in expired
Local Authority Approval of Appointment of LA Governors ref: 443124/03/202002/04/2020Call-in expired
Apologies for Absence ref: 443525/03/202025/03/2020Not for call-in


Agendas, Meetings and Minutes


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