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CPH Transport & Highways Decision Session
Thursday 20th January 2011 2.00 pm

Thursday, 20th January, 2011
Civic Suite

Attendance Details

ReferenceTitleDecision Taken ReasonsDate Effective
ED4910 M42 Junction 5 - Highways Agency Safety Scheme

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The Cabinet Member: -
(i) Noted the contents of the report;
(ii) Approved the implementation of the Highways Agency promoted scheme at M42 Junction 5.
This report seeks Cabinet Member approval for a Highways Agency promoted scheme to address road safety and congestion concerns at the M42 Junction 5 with the A41 and A4141, Solihull 28/01/2011
ED4911 Budget Framework 2011/12

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The Cabinet Member:-
(i) Considered the budget proposals outlined in the report and detailed at the appendices and the feedback from the Scrutiny Board held on 13th January and;
(ii) Having given due consideration, agreed the savings proposals to go forward for further consideration by the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board and Full Cabinet in February 2010;
(iii) Approved the fees and charges schedule outlined in Appendix D.

To provide an update on the budget setting process for 2011/12, to inform Members of the views of the relevant Scrutiny Board on the savings proposals arising from this Cabinet portfolio and to seek approval for those savings options to go forward for further consideration by the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board and Full Cabinet in February 28/01/2011
ED4921 Local Transport Plan 3 - Centro Consultation, draft vision for Transport in Solihull and LTP Programme

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The Cabinet Member:
(i) Approved in principal the draft Vision for Transport in Solihull, and the direction in which it is being progressed; and
(ii) Noted the LTP3 consultation by Centro and considered the LTP3 consultation documents and appended notes from various stakeholder events;
(iii) Authorised Officers to draft a report to Cabinet containing the proposed response to the Centro consultation in line with:
a) Section 2.12 of this report; and
b) Section 7.0 of 'Appendix D'
c) The Paper 'How Does Transport Support Employment and Economic Development in Solihull' approved by the Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways on 4th November 2010.
(iv) Noted the progress to date on the Local Transport Plan Programme for 2010/11;
(v) Noted the LTP3 settlement for Solihull approved at Metropolitan Leaders Group on 17 December 2010, subject to Joint Committee approval on 27 January 2011;
(vi) Approved as a principle the prioritisation framework used to develop the LTP3 Capital Programme for 2011/12;
(vii)Noted the emerging LTP3 Capital Programme for 2011/12 as set out in Appendix 1, which is subject to Full Cabinet approval on 27 January; and
(viii) Agreed to receive a further report in April 2011 outlining the final LTP3 programme for 2011/12.
To enable the Cabinet Member for Transport & Highways to consider the West Midlands Local Transport Plan 3 consultation documents, as well as comments raised by stakeholders at various consultation events, and develop the Council's formal response to Centro.
The report also provides an update on the financial and output progress for the current Local Transport Plan Capital Programme (2010/11) and outlines the approved settlement for LTP3 along with an emerging Capital Programme for 2011/2012.
ED4912 Kerbcraft Child Pedestrian Training Scheme

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The Cabinet Member: -
(i) Approved Option Three for continuation of the pedestrian training project; and
(ii) Agreed to the retention of the current officer funded from the LTP3 Safer Routes to School initiative for a further 6 month period during 2011/12; and
(iii) Agreed to receive a further report in six months time to consider future funding and the allocation of project resources.
To report on the progress of the Kerbcraft child pedestrian training scheme and to seek a decision on the further development of the scheme, in the light of changes to future funding arrangements. 28/01/2011
ED4913 Policy - Boundary Signs

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The Cabinet Member:
(i) Requested Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Board to consider:
•The type of Borough Boundary sign(s) to be used in the future;
•The format of the local place boundary signs, and
•Whether boundary signs for Parish and Community Councils should be provided.

(ii) Agreed to receive a further report considering the outcome of the Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Board review process.
To seek Cabinet Member approval to intorduce a policy for managing both Borough boundary and other local place boundary signs on the road network in Solihull. 28/01/2011
ED4914 Disestablishment of Fordbridge Road School Crossing Patrol

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The Cabinet Member approved the removal of Fordbridge Road, Kingshurst from the school crossing establishment.
To seek approval for the disestablishment of a School Crossing Patrol site on Fordbridge Road at Meriden Drive. 28/01/2011
ED4915 Libbards Way - waiting restrictions

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The Cabinet Member:-
(i) Considered the contents of this report;
(ii) Approved the implementation of a total prohibition of waiting on Libbards Way, as shown on Plan No. 6829/7; and
(iii) Agreed that emerging parking patterns be monitored and further waiting restrictions on the remainder of Libbards Way be considered as appropriate.
To consider the implementation of waiting restrictions on Libbards Way in light of emerging parking patterns 28/01/2011
ED4919 Petition - Construction of signalised roundabout at A34 Stratford Road/Haslucks Green Road Shirley as part of redevelopment of Shirley town centre

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The Cabinet Member:-
(i) Noted that the issues raised by the petition were considered as part of the Heart of Shirley planning application, determined by the Planning Committee on 8th December where Members resolved to refuse the proposed development; and,
(ii) Agreed that no further action be taken by the Cabinet Member on the submitted petition at this stage.
To consider a petition received from residents of Stanway Avenue and Olton Road, Shirley, regarding the proposed installation of a signalised roundabout at the junction of A34 Stratford Road/Haslucks Green Road/Olton Road as part of a planning application to redevelop Shirley Town Centre (The Heart of Shirley). 28/01/2011
ED4918 Petition Summary

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The Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Transport & Highways noted:-
(i) That no petitions were received since the last decision session relating to the Transport & Highways Cabinet ; and
(ii) Progress to date as set out in Appendix 1.
To inform Cabinet Member of the petitions received by the Transport, Highways and Environment Division and advise on petition progress. 28/01/2011

Attendance Details

D C Jamieson, K Rushen, G E Richards OBE
Jim Harte - Service Director, Transport Highways and the Environment
Amrik Manku - Network Management Manager
Paul Siddall (HA) Assistant Route Sponsor
John Morris (Amey) Congestion Manager
Tony Gledhill (Amey) LNMS Team Leader
Gillian Gregory (Amey) Civil Engineer
David Strang - Transport Policy Manager
Martin Clayton - Financial Strategy Manager
Kathryn Hemmings - Neighbourhood Manager
Annabel Matharu - Kerbcraft Coordinator
Paul Tovey - Senior Engineer Road Safety
Kim Stone - School Crossing Patrol Manager
Joseph Bright - Democratic Services Officer
Apologies for absence:
There were no apologies


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