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Agendas, Meetings and Minutes - Committee details

Committee details

Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Board

Purpose of committee


To provide overview & scrutiny of the responsibilities contained in the Adult Social Care and Health Portfolio.

To undertake Health Scrutiny powers specified in the Local Authority (Public Health, Health and Wellbeing Boards and Health Scrutiny) Regulations 2013 including the power to refer a substantial variation to a Health service to the Secretary of State for Health.

To provide overview & scrutiny of the responsibilities of the Solihull Health and Wellbeing Board.


Council Priority- Managing Demand and expectation for public services

Council Priority – Developing and delivering our approach to services for adults and children with complex needs


Council Key Programmes aligned to the Council Priority


  • Creating the conditions for communities to thrive
  • Solihull Together
  • Adult Care and support transformation
  • Autism



Contact information

Support officer: Paul Rogers.



Agendas, Meetings and Minutes


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