Welcome to Solihull Council Online insurance claim system

Before making a claim against the Council or Solihull Community Housing Ltd you should ensure you have read through the full guidance and information pages located here and the information provided below.

Before you Start

You will be required to register to use this form. This is to ensure that your details remain secure once they have been entered.

It is important to ensure that you provide relevant information and documentation so we are able to process your claim as efficiently as possible. We may not be able to continue with your claim until this is received.

Information required

If you are claiming for damage or injury as a result of a defect on a highway, footway or cycleway you must report it using our Report a Pothole tool. This will provide a reference number that must be entered in the appropriate box.

If you are a tenant claiming for damage to your property or an injury within property managed by Solihull Community Housing you must report the defect to them here and provide the reference number in the appropriate box.

Below is a list of documents required for all claims that can be submitted when completing the claim form -

For all claim submissions you will be required to provide -

  1. Photo of defect
  2. Photo of the damage claimed
  3. Photo of defect in relation to a landmark (for Highway claims)
  4. A map of the defect location

For claims where you sustained damage to your vehicle such as a highway defect the following documentation will be required -

  1. An estimate for repair of the damage and repair invoice

For claims where you sustained damage to your property such as damage to your contents, the following documentation will be required -

  1. Photo of the damage
  2. Original purchase receipt(s)
  3. Estimates for repair or replacement items.

For claims where you sustained a personal injury the following documentation will be required -

  1. Photo of injury (if available/appropriate)
  2. Documentary evidence from GP/hospital

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