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The 7th February 2005, was designated as the ‘First Appointed Date’, under the Licensing Act 2003 and marked the beginning of the transitional period in respect of those applications which must be made for Premises Licences, Club Premises Certificates and Personal Licences. Application forms to convert existing justices licences, public entertainment licences, theatre licences, cinema licences, late night refreshment house licences and registered club certificates into one of the new licence types, are available to download.

Applicants who do not wish to make any alterations to their current business practices, will simply apply to convert all existing terms and conditions to a new licence. It is possible to apply to vary existing terms and conditions at the same time as an application is made to convert a licence, but any proposed changes must be advertised by local notice and in the press, to enable those persons affected by the proposed changes to make relevant representations, should they wish to do so.

Conversion applications can no longer be accepted as the deadline was 6th August 2005.

When submitting an application for a new licence or to vary an existing licence to the Licensing Authority, the applicant is also required to submit a full copy of the documentation to the relevant Responsible Authorities, details of which may be found in the application pack. An application pack containing details of fees, notes of guidance and other information, is available from the Licensing Office.

Details of all applications received by the Council are entered into a Public Register, which may be inspected at any reasonable time, by appointment or via the on line register of applications.

In respect of any applications made to the Licensing Authority, Interested Parties and Responsible Authorities may make representations to the Licensing Authority about any application for a new licence, or an application to vary an existing licence, providing those representations appertain to the four Licensing Objectives. More details can be found in the leaflet "Have your Say", available from Solihull Connect.

The new legislation comes into effect on the Second Appointed Date, which is 24th November 2005.

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