Childcare Options in Solihull

Find out about the types of childcare available to you and your family in Solihull


Childminders provide care and early education for children of all ages in their own home. Some childminders will offer wraparound care and will drop off and collect children from schools or nursery sessions. They may be able to cater for irregular hours like shift patterns and occasional evenings or weekends and often provide care during school holidays. They can care for up to six children under the age of eight at any one time (including their own children). 

Home Childcarers

Home childcarers such as nannies, au-pairs and babysitters provide care for children of all ages in the child’s own home and may be flexible regarding your needs. You will need to draw up a contract with your home-based childcarer outlining all costs and arrangements. Home childcarers can be registered voluntarily with Ofsted although they do not have to do so. They must be registered if you want to claim tax credits or use childcare vouchers to help with your childcare costs.

Out of School Clubs

Out of school clubs provide care and play opportunities for school aged children usually on school sites. The care is provided before and after the school day usually for an hour before school and for up to three hours after school during term time. They must be registered with Ofsted 

Holiday Schemes

Holiday schemes provide care and play opportunities for school aged children aged between three and eleven years old during the school holidays and are often held on school or community sites or at sports centres. They must be registered with Ofsted if they have a focus on care rather than activity. Childminders also often provide holiday care

Day Nurseries

Day Nurseries provide care and early education for children aged between six weeks and five years old, either full or part time and are usually open five days a week, all year round. Day nurseries must be registered with Ofsted 

Pre-School Playgroups

Pre-school playgroups provide care and early education for children aged between two and five years old. They usually offer part-time sessions during school term time only. They must be registered with Ofsted 


If you need full time care for your child, you may be able to combine a number of options. For example, for three and four year olds attending a free part-time early education place on a school site, wrap-around care is usually available to enable children to stay for the whole day. Wrap-around can be provided by Ofsted registered pre-school playgroups, nurseries, childminders or out of school clubs

School Maintained Nursery Classes

Maintained nursery classes provide care and education for children as part of the school in which they are based. The children are considered as pupils of the school and you must apply directly to the school for a place. Admission to a school nursery is completely separate from the admission to Reception and therefore attending a school nursery does not guarantee a place in the reception class at that school the following year. These settings may take children from 2 years old, but more often from 3 years old. They are only open during school term time. The school may offer wraparound sessions that can be paid for. Maintained nursery classes have to meet the same Ofsted standards as all other registered settings and provide care and education to meet the needs of all children.


Crèches offer care on an occasional basis and will normally be found at venues such as shopping centres and leisure centres. Crèches must be registered with Ofsted