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PL/2021/01493/MINFOT Coleshill Heath Primary School

Meeting: 14/07/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 11)

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Conditional approval as per the recommendation together with an additional condition regarding drainage to read:-

(5) The development shall not be commenced until such a time as a scheme to manage the surface water run-off from the development has been summited to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority, with no occupation until the scheme is operational. The submitted details should include:-

(a) results of infiltration tests, carried out in accordance with BRE 365 or similar, to determine the suitability of the site for infiltration. If infiltration is deemed to be suitable, the proposed soakaway(s) should be designed in accordance with BRE 365 also;

(b) a plan indicating the size and location of the proposed soakaway(s);

(c) if a soakaway is demonstrated to be not suitable then details of an alternative SuDS system should be submitted;

(d) construction details; and

(e) maintenance plan for the whole drainage system in accordance with the SuDS manual.