Agenda and minutes

Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel
Wednesday 22nd July 2015 5.00 pm

Venue: Civic Suite, Solihull

Contact: Democratic Services 

No. Item


Election of Chairman and Appointment of Vice-Chairman


Nominations for the election of Chairman were sought.



That Cllr Mrs D Holl-Allen MBE be elected (uncontested) Chairman of the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel for 2015/2016.


Nominations for the appointment of Vice-Chairman were sought.



That Cllr Mrs A Mackenzie be appointed (uncontested) Vice-Chairman of the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel for 2015/2016.




Apologies and Substitutions

To receive notification of apologies and substitutions from Members.


Cllr A Mackenzie.

Cllr T Hodgson.

Jim Harte (Assistant Director, Managed Growth Directorate).

Chief Supt. Alex Murray (West Midlands Police).



Declarations of Interest

To receive notification of any declarations of pecuniary and/or conflict of interest from Members.


There were no declarations of interest declared by Members of the Panel.



Questions and Deputations

To answer questions and hear deputations, if any, asked by any resident of the Borough pursuant to Standing Orders.


There were no questions or deputations.



Crime and Disorder Scrutiny - General Introduction and Background pdf icon PDF 79 KB

Information item only – to set out the background and the role of the Panel. (The Police and Justice Act 2006 introduced a requirement for local authorities to have a “crime and disorder committee” with the power to review or scrutinise decisions made or other action taken by Responsible Authorities in relation to the discharge of their crime and disorder function).


In attendance: Lee Stevenson (Solihull MBC, Governance Directorate).


A briefing paper was submitted to inform the Panel of their statutory role and responsibilities under The Police and Justice Act 2006. That legislation had introduced a requirement for local authorities to have a “crime and disorder committee” with the power to review or scrutinise decisions made or other action taken by Responsible Authorities in relation to the discharge of their crime and disorder functions.



That the briefing paper be received and noted.



Meeting with Responsible Authority Representatives pdf icon PDF 84 KB

To meet with all responsible authority members of the Safer Solihull Partnership who will each give a short presentation on how their organisation will contribute to the Partnerships priorities during the coming year.


To be followed by general Q&A session.

Additional documents:


In attendance: Caroline Naven (Head of Neighbourhood Services - Solihull MBC, Managed Growth Directorate), Michael O’Connell (Probation Service – Solihull IOM Unit), Rosie Luce (Solihull CCG), Denis Murphy (West Midlands Fire Service), Supt. Sue Parker (West Midlands Police) and Insp. Darren Wilson (West Midlands Police).


The Panel considered short introductory presentations from each Responsible Authority Member as to their individual objectives to support the Safer Solihull Partnership’s priorities over the coming year. Several supporting papers and presentations were submitted and considered. The presentations were then followed by a question and answer session.


In considering the presentations, the Panel highlighted that there were many good news stories and examples of best practice and the Panel reiterated the importance that such events should be publicised to both local media and local communities as much as possible.



That the contents of the presentations be welcomed and noted.



Public Place Violence - Report to Follow pdf icon PDF 59 KB

To review of Partnership interventions and policing profiles to support economic growth/night time economy.


In attendance: Supt. Sue Parker (West Midlands Police) and Insp. Darren Wilson (West Midlands Police)


West Midlands Police submitted a briefing paper that sought to demonstrate the Partnership’s interventions and policing profiles in place to support economic growth and the night time economy. As part of the presentation, the following was noted:

·  Public Place Violence – there had been 172 offences year to date which was an increase of 40 offences (30.3%), although rate of increase had fallen in June (+5 offences) and was now decreasing in July;

·  St Alphege ward accounted for approximately 20% of recorded PPV with its night time economy being a significant contributor to this. The remainder of offending was spread evenly across all wards of the Borough;


·  Night time economy offences had not increased;

·  Although NTE related Violence with Injury was low level in the town centre, it was considered a high impact crime, not only on individual victims but also in terms of reputation for the town and businesses;

·  Night time economy plans were comprehensive and constantly evolving to protect people in the town centre during the year. This year had seen the introduction of night time briefings led by police involving participation of door staff, taxi marshals, police and CCTV. The plan was to enhance the delivery of those briefings so all involved were informed and embraced their responsibility of making Solihull NTE a Safer Place;

·  The plan for the year was to drive up standards of door staff (working together with SH and SMBC Licencing), promote early interventions (both Police and Door Staff) to prevent violence later in the evening, promote door staff use of body cam. Once a high standard was achieved, partnership/NPT would provide training to empower premises door staff to detain members of the public as an early or post crime intervention. Police acknowledged that their systems needed to be better integrated and were looking for the WMP 2020 project and potentially E-cins software as a solution; and

·  Outside the night time economy, many of the reported crimes relate to people known to each other but not within domestic relationships (not DV).

The Panel welcomed the report and considered a case study that demonstrated a recent intervention in Solihull Town Centre.



That the contents of the presentations be welcomed and noted.



Update on the ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 pdf icon PDF 98 KB

To provide an update to the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel on the changes that was introduced in October 2014 around the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Additional documents:


In attendance: Gillian Crabbe (Community Safety Manager – Solihull MBC, Managed Growth Directorate) and Insp. Darren Wilson (West Midlands Police).


Following on from a previous meeting, the Panel considered a briefing report from Gillian Crabbe (Community Safety Manager) and West Midlands Police that detailed the latest position regarding the above legislation. The following detailed elements were noted:

·  Over the last year, there had been a series of multi-agency training days to ensure police, SCH and SMBC staff understood new laws and protocols. Those had helped embed a way of working across the borough.

ASB Case Conference

·  In January 2015, a refresh of the Boroughs ASB Case Conference meeting was undertaken led by SCH. This helped ensure the statutory consultation required for all civil interventions was formally undertaken and documented, as well as ensuring that partnership working towards the most complex ASB cases was appropriate and sufficient to divert and engage offenders prior to any civil application. This meeting was attended by a range of partners and gave all involved appropriate detail on applications under the new act.

Community Remedy

·  Community Remedy commenced in January 2015 and aimed to give police greater flexibility over reparation work undertaken for low level ASB offences. It gave police three new options to ensure offenders were given positive requirements and appropriate reparation work to fit their crime. Those new options included RJ, victim awareness course (a £55 course attended and paid for by the offender, managed by victim support) and community reparation, which had taken the form of environmental work in Tudor Grange and Meriden Parks. So far, approximately 35 offenders had been referred through those options (an approximate figure is given as RJ outcomes were not always recorded as such).

·  Case Study. Four females under the age of 16 are caught in Solihull Town Centre shoplifting low value goods. The goods were paid for and females banned from a shop. The attending officer referred all four females through the community remedy and they took part in clearing up a community garden in the North of the borough. The females spent three hours digging, pruning and planting.


·  The transition from CRASBO to CBO had been smooth and with the exception of two applications (one failed as CPS overlooked the file, the other due to harassment alarm and distress not being sufficiently covered by the officer) all had been successful. There are now seven CBOs pending in the courts for a range of offences. The local neighbourhood teams play a key part in both applying and managing CBOs and all feature as part of the ASB Case Conference agenda for consultation with partners.

Dispersal Notices

·  In Solihull, there had been 8 dispersal authorisations in the north and south of the Borough from December 2014 to June 2015. In December, there were two section 34 authorisations in Solihull Town centre and McDonalds on Bosworth Drive where 4 were issued with section 35 dispersal notices. In January, there was one authorisation in Shirley Park where there was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 17.


Safer Solihull Local Police and Crime Board Performance Measures - Year End for 2014/15 and Q1 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To provide the Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel with the opportunity to review performance for Quarter 4 and the year end for 2014/15 for the Safer Solihull Local Police and Crime Board performance measures.

Additional documents:


In attendance: Gillian Crabbe (Community Safety Manager – Solihull MBC, Managed Growth Directorate).


The Panel considered a report from Gillian Crabbe (Community Safety Manager) that set out a summary of the Safer Solihull Performance Scorecard for year end 2014/15 and Qtr 1 2015/16. The report set out the following:

·  In the previous reported quarter of October, November and December 2014, 2900 crimes were recorded and this. This the final quarter, January, February and March 2015 saw 2852 crimes recorded.  This equates to 48 fewer victims of crime this quarter when compared to the previous quarter and 34 fewer victims compared to the same quarter in 2014.

·  The year-end Total Recorded Crime reduction was 4.4% or 528 fewer victims in 2014/15 compared to the year-end totals for 2013/14. The key reported crimes contributing to this successful fall in total recorded crime had been reductions in domestic burglary, robbery and vehicle crime with 262 fewer offences of domestic burglary, 59 fewer robberies and vehicle crime down by 230 offences.

·  The Solihull local policing unit (LPU) continues to deploy a dedicated vehicle crime investigation team in order to target known and likely offenders of vehicle and other associated crimes. They continue to work hard to understand the patterns of crime that are occurring across the Borough enabling them to consider what the most effective response should be to prevent crime occurring in other areas and to detect those crimes that have occurred. 

·  The Solihull local policing unit continues to out-perform neighbouring areas, across the West Midlands Police force for burglary reductions.  Reductions in burglary within Solihull were highest in the force. The positive outcome rate (this is the result achieved from the Police response to the reported incident) for burglary was 15.3% (9th highest in the force out of 10 LPUs). 

·  For vehicle crime the LPU had an outcome rate of 7.3% (3rd highest in force out of 10 LPUs). Solihull continues to dedicate resources into vehicle crime investigation and every victim receives a follow up visit from an investigator.

·  To continue to achieve a year on year reduction in crime is exceptional news however we know that in order to reduce the volume of Total Recorded Crime (TRC) even further the top contributing crime types, i.e. vehicle crime and business crime, will need to remain the focus of the Police force and Partnership efforts. As such these two areas of business will remain important to the partnership. However, the partnership must consider this in the context that there are also crimes that we know are under reported such as Domestic Abuse, Hate Crime and Child Sexual Exploitation when considering its response and deployment of resources for the new financial year 2015/16.

·  The control charts showed the fluctuations in crime across Solihull from April 2011 to March 2015 for total recorded crime, serious acquisitive crime, public place violence and business crime. They demonstrate that things like seasonality, and changes in the pattern in offending styles can either adversely or positively impact  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Work Plan 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 65 KB


In attendance: Lee Stevenson (Solihull MBC, Governance Directorate).


The Panel was invited to consider its indicative Work Plan for the coming year. In doing so, Members noted that its content was largely biased towards items carried forward from work planning activity that took place towards the end of 2014/2015.

The Panel was invited to endorse the contents of the Plan and to highlight any additional topic areas for inclusion.


With regard to the meeting start times, it was muted that it would be assumed that all meetings would normally begin at 4.00pm, unless the Panel was considering specific business which meant that such a start time would prevent witnesses from attending.



That the indicative Work Plan for the coming year be endorsed.