Agenda and minutes

Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel
Wednesday 11th October 2017 6.00 pm

Venue: Civic Suite, Solihull

Contact: Democratic Services 

No. Item


Election of Chairman for 2017/18


Nominations were sought for the election of a Chairman for 2017/18.


ThatCouncillor Mrs D Holl-Allen MBE be elected Chairman for 2017/18 (uncontested).



Appointment of Vice-Chairman for 2017/18


Nominations were sought for the appointment of a Vice-Chairman for 2017/18.


ThatCouncillor B Holmes be appointed Vice-Chairman for 2017/18 (uncontested).



Declarations of Interest

To receive notification of any declarations of pecuniary and/or conflict of interest from Members.


Councillor J Tildesley wished to disclose the following:

·  Retired Police Inspector with West Midlands Police in receipt of a full pension.

·  Mrs Tildesley also a former Police Officer in receipt of a full pension.

·  West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund – current Director.

·  Current Member of the Management Committee for the Birmingham Branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers.

·  Two sisters in law are current serving Police Officers.



Safer Solihull Partnership - Responsible Authorities - Achievements for 2016/17 and Priorities for 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To meet with all responsible authority members of the Safer Solihull Partnership who will each give a short presentation on how their organisation will contribute to the Partnerships priorities.

Additional documents:


In attendance: Gillian Crabbe (Community Safety & Partnerships Manager - Managed Growth and Communities); Superintendent Simon Inglis (West Midlands Police – Solihull NPU); Dave Smithson – Station Commander (Solihull Community Fire Station – WMFS); Rosie Luce – Head of Safeguarding/ Designated Nurse- Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk for Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group and Mike O’Connell - Staffordshire and West Midlands Community Rehabilitation Company. (Written Submission only).

The Panel had requested to meet with all responsible authority members of the Safer Solihull Partnership to review how their individual organisations were contributing to the Partnerships priorities. The Panel considered the following:

Superintendent Simon Inglis (West Midlands Police – Solihull NPU)


Superintendent Simon Inglis reported that:

“The Partnership Team has undertaken visits across Solihull with both Trading Standards and SMBC Food Safety Team in response to intelligence linking specific premises to Modern Day Slavery and issues raised by the community. Intelligence and results have been fed into force systems accordingly. This multi-agency approach allows a holistic and efficient approach to tackle issues present.

Hidden Crimes week which commenced on 9/10/17 is an example of how Solihull Police and partners focus on those crimes which are often hidden bringing the skills and knowledge of partners and third sector organisations together to proactively deal with crimes such as DV, CSE and Hate Crime.

Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board are working with Solihull Police Partnerships on hosting an event during Hate Crimes awareness week (18/10/17). The event is aimed at upskilling the third party hate crime reporting centres in Solihull providing them with refresher training on Roles and responsibilities as well as seeking to understand future requirements and blockages to delivery.

Working within the senior schools vulnerable young people are identified, and their parents have been invited in and briefed to raise awareness of the dangers of Child Sexual Exploitation so as to prevent potential victimisation.

The Partnership Team have undertaken a multiagency triage of all young people classified as NEET within the borough (over 200). Half of those have had some form of negative engagement with police of which 40 were actively involved in crime. All were allocated some form of intervention. Approximately 30 have had direct visits from Housing, Police, SOVA, Princes Trust and Childrens Services, appropriately 40 young people have been referred to SOVA and 20 have been referred to Princes Trust. Approximately 20 are no longer NEET as a result of partnership intervention. This work is on-going with a further 120 NEET young people being identified for academic year 2017/18.

On Friday 8th September 2017 West Midlands Police held an ‘All Out Day’ with the theme of the day being Intervention and Prevention using partnership working. (On this day WMP had nearly 90 different agencies working with us offering a broad diversity of skill and resource). Whilst this was a day of action and focus - many of the below tactics are now being replicated across the Force area and incorporated more frequently into our partnership response.

Knife crime - Force and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


WMP 2020 Policing Update - Solihull LPU pdf icon PDF 649 KB

To receive a “Solihull specific” update from the way in which the public contact the force to how they respond, investigate and prevent re-offending within the Borough and the policing resources available, including area deployment profiles.


In attendance: Superintendent Simon Inglis (West Midlands Police – Solihull NPU).

Following the Chief Superintendent Bas Javid’s presentation to Stronger Communities & Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Board earlier in the year, the Panel had requested a current update on WMP2020.


Superintendent Simon Inglis reported that West Midlands Police was two years into a five year programme of reform/modernisation under the banner of WMP2020 which had changed the way in which Policing was delivered at both Force and Neighbourhood level.

Some of the main headlines from a few of the changes already implemented under that programme was shared with Members:

·  Over 3000 Mobile devices to front line officers.

·  1500 Bodyworn Camera’s being used as part of front line patrol (further roll out to come).

·  Roll out of Skype enabled Lap-tops to 1300 colleagues.

·  Introduction of Borderless Response Teams.

·  Merged Contact Centres.

·  Introduction of Mission Support Function.

·  New Initial Investigation teams and 24/7 real time intelligence.

·  Launch of WMNOW (over 25,000 new sign ups).

·  New Custody suites.

In regards to police contact, Superintendent Inglis reported that the Force had moved to three control rooms based at Wednesfield, Bournville and Coventry. When a call was made from a Solihull resident, the call taker could be from any of those control rooms. The new system overcame the historic problem of one area being overrun with call demand whilst other areas retaining capacity to share the burden.

Telephone contact was made via the 999 system or the 101 non-emergency number. Force contact received an average of 1 x‘999’ call and 2-3 x ‘101’ calls every minute, 365 days per year. Demand had risen to new highs this year and had remained at those new elevated levels which had put additional pressure on call handling.

Superintendent Inglis acknowledged that the 101non-emergency number had, at times, not been able to cope with the level of demand and had resulted in callers having to wait longer than the Force would wish. West Midlands Police had now recruited heavily into that department which had recently reached full establishment. Superintendent Inglis stated that the service had improved, however there were still some staff who were undertaking the specialist training to become a RAD or call handler, resulting in a time-lag before the full benefits of that recruitment would be seen.

The new call Grading Framework worked with THRIVE+ and all calls for service would now be evaluated using the THRIVE+ principles. Superintendent Inglis explained that those principles fundamentally changed how the Force delivered service. The principles were designed to consider people, the circumstance and their needs. Those details would then be used to identify how the Force was going to deal with the issue. Superintendent Inglis added that the Force was no longer going to let a policy dictate to them what they should or shouldn’t do, but would trust their staff to make the right decisions based on needs.

Calls were also graded against the P1-P9 grading framework to ensure that the appropriate resources were dispatched to the right  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Quarterly Performance Update - Quarter 1 - 2017/2018 pdf icon PDF 893 KB

To consider the Safer Solihull Quarterly Performance Update - Quarter 1 2017/2018.


In attendance: Gillian Crabbe (Community Safety & Partnerships Manager - Managed Growth and Communities)and Superintendent Simon Inglis (West Midlands Police – Solihull NPU).

The Panel was invited to consider the Safer Solihull Quarterly Performance Update - Quarter 1 for 2017/2018. This was the first report that the Panel had seen under the new reporting arrangements with the analytical function of the Partnership having been centralised to WMP HQ Lloyd House.

The summary of the report indicated the following:

Making our Neighbourhoods safer places

·  Total Recorded Crime – AMBER

That indicator showed as AMBER as a total recorded crime was currently being controlled and was stable with a small increase seen since the last quarter.

·  Theft from Shop or Stall - AMBER

The current quarter saw a decrease compared to the previous quarter with a 12% reduction (13 offences) in St Alphege.

·  Vehicle Crime – AMBER

There were 74 Ford vehicles stolen, 54 without keys. 75 motorcycles were stolen in quarter 1 17/18, mainly around the city centre and the south side of Solihull.

Better protecting people from harm

·  Domestic Violence – AMBER

A slight reduction in domestic violence in the current quarter, Assault Occasion ABH was the highest offence for domestic violence. Chelmsley Wood had the highest number of incidents for the quarter.

·  Child Sexual Exploitation - AMBER

There had been an increase of 2 offences during the current quarter compared to quarter 4 16/17, 43 offences to 45. Smith’s Wood recorded the highest number of child sexual exploitation offences during quarter 1 17/18.

·  Anti-Social Behaviour - AMBER

Levels of anti-social behaviour had increased in Solihull when comparing the current quarter to quarter 4 16/17 but had decreased when comparing year on year.

·  Hate Crime - AMBER

Hate Crime had increased by 3 offences in quarter 1 17/18 compared to quarter 4 16/17. 81% of hate crime had been race related.

Bringing offenders to justice and tackling reoffending

·  Solihull Integrated Offender Management – AMBER

The number of perpetrators being managed by the offender managers team at Solihull had slowly risen month on month during this quarter.

Discussion Points

Initial comments from the Panel were that they were critical of the report format as it failed to make key data clear for the reader. It was requested that future reports should address this and it was suggested that the use of graphs and/or tables made key data easier to interpret and analyse.

Given that the report covered the period April to June 2017, the Panel wished to see an indication of performance for July to September (i.e. Quarter 2). Officers advised that whilst that data was still being considered, reliable indications were that there were improvements in certain areas although there was still some challenges evident with some crime types (i.e. vehicle crime). Policing tactics also had to adapt to new threats (i.e. car jackings).

Superintendent Inglis reported that for the last 3 months, Total Recorded Crime was dropping below the Force average and that Solihull NPU was the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Work Planning 2017/18 - Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Panel pdf icon PDF 58 KB

The Panel is invited to identify topics for its Work Plan for the remainder of 2017/18.


Appendix 1 – Draft Work Plan.

Appendix 2 - Overview and Scrutiny Powers to Scrutinise Crime and Disorder Matters.

Additional documents:


The Panel was invited to consider its work plan for the remainder of 2017/18.

A number of reports had been considered at this meeting and it was apparent that the Panel wished to see information to demonstrate outcomes (i.e. numbers of arrest and/or prosecutions). It was requested that future reports should aim to include this type of data wherever possible to allow the Panel to evaluate the success of Partner activities and interventions.

A Member also suggested that the Panel might wish to vary its meeting venues and hold its meetings in other parts of the Borough.

Officers suggested some potential topics in consultation with the Panel as follows:

·  Modern Slavery (potentially encompassing Human Trafficking and CSE).

·  Injury Violence Data.

·  Regional Community Safety Partnership (awareness briefing/update).

·  Community Safety Plan Refresh.

·  Domestic Homicide.

·  Cyber Crime.

·  Scams (vulnerable age groups).


(i)  That the above suggested items be considered during 2017/18;

(ii)  That case studies/data to demonstrate outcomes (i.e. numbers of arrest and/or prosecutions) be included within reports wherever possible.



Dates for Future Meetings

Future meetings of this Panel will be held on:


12 December 2017 – 6pm

8 February 2018 – 6pm

29 March 2018 - 6pm



Future meeting dates for this Panel were detailed as:

·  12 December 2017 at 6pm

·  8 February 2018 at 6pm

·  29 March 2018 at 6pm