Agenda and minutes

HS2 Implementation Advisory Group
Thursday 21st March 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Civic Suite

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There were no apologies.


Declarations of Interest

To receive notification of any declaration of pecuniary and/or conflict of interest from Members.


There were no declarations of interest.


Questions and Deputations

To answer questions, if any, asked by any resident of the Borough pursuant to Standing Orders.


Requests to address the Advisory Group were submitted by Sheila Cooper, Richard Lloyd and Ken Blanch, Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council.


Sheila Cooper made a deputation, where she explained how she was speaking as an individual and Berkswell resident. As part of her deputation, Sheila Cooper raised her views and the following points:

·  Sheila Cooper expressed her deep concerns regarding the use of Hall Meadow Road, by HS2, as a haul route. She considered there would be between 350-400 HGV’s in both directions each day, as well as the additional use of the Kenilworth Road, Kelsley Lane, Waste Lane and Truggist Lane as delivery routes, where there would be 80 plus HGV’s in both directions each day.

·  Sheila Cooper highlighted the HS2 Air Quality Strategy, July 2017, and the contained Sustainability Policy. She detailed how it laid down HS2 Ltd’s approach to avoiding air emissions causing significant adverse effects on communities and preventing air pollution.

·  It was noted the document catalogued in detail all leading organisations positions on air quality and health and Sheila Cooper quoted the World Health Organisation as follows: ‘Prolonged exposure to pollution adversely affects the respiratory and cardiovascular system of people, leading to an increased risk of premature mortality and reduced life expectancy, no threshold has been found below which no adverse health effects would occur….Epidemiology studies have show that long term exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide causes symptoms of bronchitis and asthma in children.’

·  It was highlighted how the HS2 Ltd document also referred to European air quality legislation, UK Air Quality Standards Regulations including a UK Supreme Court Judgement, The Environment Protection Act, National Policy Statement, the UK Air Quality Strategy, National Planning Policy Framework, etc.

·  Sheila Cooper also quoted from the National Planning Policy Framework Paragraph 124 on air quality: ‘Planning Policies should sustain compliance with and contribute towards EU limit values or national objectives for pollutants….and the cumulative impacts on air quality from individual sites in local areas.’

·  Sheila Cooper explained how she believed the HS2 document acknowledged the dangers to health from pollutants and vehicle emissions, however she expressed concern it then went on to use the phrases ‘Environmental Minimum Requirements’ and ‘Where Reasonably Practical.’

·  Sheila Cooper highlighted how paragraph 6.2.2 of the HS2 Air Quality document stated the transport of excavated material should be:

Ø  By rail in preference to by truck on the highway, as far as reasonably practical, and

Ø  Along the trace of the railway in preference to on the public highway by truck, as far as reasonably practical.

·  Sheila Cooper expressed her concern that, in referring to Dust Risk Assessment, dust measurement and the measurement of ambient air quality, HS2 state: ‘Even with rigorous controls in place it is not possible to guarantee that dust mitigation measures will be effective,’ and ‘The majority of the locations are predicted to experience significant adverse effects for annual mean Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations.’

·  Sheila Cooper also explained how it concerned her that the document stated: ‘Very few locations are predicted to experience significant  ...  view the full minutes text for item 64.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 94 KB

To receive the minutes of the previous meeting.


The Advisory Group received the minutes of the meeting held on 13th December 2018.


The following amendment was proposed, in respect of item 3, Questions and Deputations:


The following sentence to be removed:


‘Richard Lloyd flagged up how the proposed haul route for Burton Green made use of the disused rail route, which followed the current Greenway route - he requested for the same approach to be adopted within Solihull, for the Kenilworth Greenway.’


and to be replaced with


‘Richard Lloyd flagged up how the proposed haul route for Burton Green made use of the line-of-route - he requested for the same approach to be adopted within Solihull.’



That the minutes of the meeting held on 13th December 2018 be confirmed as a correct record, subject to the amendment above.



Groundwork - Update

Representatives from Groundwork to attend, to advise Members on the HS2 Community and Environment Fund.


Samantha Cox, from Groundworks, attended the meeting, to inform Members of two funding programmes – the Community and Environment Fund (CEF) and the Business and Local Economy Fund (BLEF) – that they administered as an independent charity on behalf of HS2 Ltd. The points raised included the following:

·  £40m had been made available for these two funds over a period of 11 years throughout the construction and for the first year of operation of HS2. It was intended to allocate up to £7.5m of this funding to the West Midlands area (Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry).

·  Samantha Cox highlighted how fewer successful applications to the CEF had been submitted within Solihull, compared to other areas.

·  Representatives from Groundwork would be happy to meet with local groups, to provide advise upon the preparation and submission of bids to the CEF.

·  Samantha Cox detailed how two projects within Solihull had been awarded funding as part of the HS2 Community and Business Fund. Solihull Community Housing had been awarded funding to enable  residents greater access to  local green space. Also, the Kingshurst Children’s Sports Project had received funding to install a multi-use games area at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School.

·  Application guidance information for interested organisations was available from the Groundwork website. It was explained this included online videos and powerpoint presentations, detailing the application process. Samantha Cox also highlighted how an online project map was available, which identified applications that had been supported by the CEF and BLEF funds.



HS2 Key Issues Tracker pdf icon PDF 60 KB

Current version of the Key Issues Tracker attached – Advisory Group to receive update.


Members received an update in regards to the Key Issues Tracker. The points raised included the following:


Reference 2 – Chelmsley Wood public space. Jonathan Lord detailed how the developers, Balfour Beatty Vinci,  were looking at potential options to minimise the impact upon Heath Park, during the construction phase and afterwards. He explained how they were looking at options that could leave one adult pitch available during the construction phase, with two junior pitches being provided afterwards.


Jonathan Lord detailed how a meeting was held with the Head of Service for the Public Realm to look at potential opportunities for Heath Park. He explained how they were keen to engage key stakeholders within the local community, so they could explore the potential to apply to the Community and Environment Fund (CEF).


Reference 11 – Noise mitigation measures. Councillor Rolf noted a strategy for how HS2 would engage on noise was to be agreed and presented to the Council and other relevant parties – she queried the timescales for when this should be available. Jonathan Lord explained they anticipated the strategy should be available by the latter stages of this year.


Councillor Richards highlighted reference 1 – Haul Routes. He requested for HS2 Ltd to provide as much notice as possible, for any highway and planning applications. Councillor Richards also flagged up reference 18 – HS2 Road Safety Fund. He confirmed the Council was leading on exploring options via this fund and it was anticipated an update would be provided at the next meeting.



Highway Services Update

To receive a verbal update on the High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) project from the Council’s Highway Services Division.


HS2 major highway designs - The Group Delivery Manager provided an update that  HS2 were developing their major highway designs for the changes required to the network around the Solihull Interchange site (A452 / A446 / Birmingham Business Park) and on the A452 Kenilworth Road at Park Lane, north of Balsall Common. Major Schedule 4 applications were currently expected from HS2 in late April and the Council would have 28 days to determine these applications. The report to the Transport and Highways Cabinet on 28th March, 2019 also sought approval to move the decision-making process to Cabinet for all major HS2 Schedule 4 applications.


HS2 Temporary / minor works applications - The Group Delivery Manager also explained that approximately 94 Schedule 4 temporary / minor works applications had been processed so far and would also be reported to Transport and  Highways Cabinet on 28th March. Details were being published on the Council website at:  . Any feedback from members / stakeholders would be welcome.


The Group Delivery Manager flagged up how all HS2 applications, relating to planning and highway matters, were made available to view on the Council website. He also detailed how all Parish and Town Councils and local Ward Members would be informed by email when a new application was received.


Programme Update from HS2 Ltd pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Advisory Group to receive an update from the Senior Engagement Manager, HS2 Ltd.


Fiona Woolston provided the Advisory Group an update on the on-going works planned within Solihull, highlighting the following:

·  An update on works in Solihull on-going since the end of 2018 was provided, this included – on-going utility surveys and bore hole monitoring, on-going security programme and land possession, permanent closure of top section of Middle Bickenhill Lane, on-going archaeological works and on-going vegetation clearance.

·  Fiona Woolston informed Members of the upcoming highways scheme, which was broken into the following 3 programmes:

Ø  Early works – to begin early April 2019

Ø  Structures (M42, M446, HS2 Trace Bridges) – to begin  June 2019

Ø  Highways realignment – to begin August/September 2019


Andy De Bell also provided an update, where the points raised included the following:

Programme update – Members were provided an update, with a high level programme of works. It was noted BBV were currently at the design stage, finalising the draft proposals.

Continuous haul route in Berkswell – Andy De Bell detailed how he believed the most effective way of establishing a continuous haul route in Berkswell was to concentrate on the construction of the West Cost Mail Line crossing as early in the work programme as possible. To enable this, BBV was also working toward a planning application later this year to enable use of Hallmeadow Road.

A45 and Bickenhill Recycling Centre – Members were informed that finalising the impact of HS2 works on the A45 was still being worked on. Andy De Bell explained it was anticipated that the decision would take place shortly.


Jonathan Lord informed Members of upcoming meetings and events, as follows:

·  Public drop-in sessions were to be held across Solihull, from March through to May. Further meetings were also scheduled with local Parish Councils.

·  It was noted how works were planned on and off the highways network throughout 2019 and 2020. Jonathan Lord explained how these works would be communicated – including via the HS2 Commonplace website, as well as presentations at community and businesses forums and public drop-in events.


After the presentation, the following queries and points were raised:

·  Local residents requested for some of the public drop-in events to be held outside of work hours, during the evenings and weekends. It was also highlighted how, on the HS2 Commonplace website, Burton Green was recorded under Warwickshire, rather than Solihull – the Senior Engagement Manager confirmed they would look to take these points on board.

·  Sheila Cooper raised her concerns regarding the level of disruption caused by HS2 potentially using Hallmeadow Road for construction traffic. She queried why the trace line of the railway route couldn’t be used as the continuous haul route, to reduce the impact upon the local community.

·  Councillor Dicicco emphasised how the construction works anticipated within Meriden Ward would have a significant effect upon the local community. He requested for HS2 Ltd to do all they could to minimise disruption, as well as mitigate against the environmental impact, especially air quality.

·  Andy De Bell explained that, to initially  ...  view the full minutes text for item 69.