Agenda and minutes

HS2 Implementation Advisory Group
Thursday 3rd October 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1 Civic Suite. View directions

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Declarations of Interest

To receive notification of any declaration of pecuniary and/or conflict of interest from Members.


There were no declarations of interest.


Questions and Deputations

To answer questions, if any, asked by any resident of the Borough pursuant to Standing Orders.


Sheila Cooper requested to make two deputations – one on behalf of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and one personal.


Richard Lloyd requested to make a deputation on behalf of the Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group.


As part of her deputation on behalf of CPRE, Sheila Cooper raised the following points and views:

·  Sheila Cooper explained she recognised the statement released by the Secretary of State the previous day, which detailed that assessments had been undertaken of 11 ancient woodlands, parts of which were due to be affected by preparations for HS2 this autumn. The statement confirmed that works would be deferred on all 11 sites, until the Oakervee Review was concluded.

·  Sheila Cooper requested for works to cease on ancient woodland, hedgerows and pasture land, including the ecology and biodiversity they supported, until the Oakervee Review Panel published a decision on the future of HS2 and a Notice to Proceed was granted.

·  Sheila Cooper called for works on the Kenilworth Greenway to cease. She emphasised how she believed it was essential to save East Solihull’s ancient woodland and environments within the protected Meriden gap.


Jonathan Lord explained that, as part of the Secretary of States decision to conduct a review of HS2, it had been agreed for enabling works to continue. He detailed how this included vegetation clearance on Kenilworth Greenway – it was noted these works were time critical, in order to avoid the bird nesting season.


Richard Lloyd, Heart of England High Speed Railway Action Group, also made a deputation, where the points and views he raised included the following:

·  Richard Lloyd queried the status of Kenilworth Greenway, where he detailed how HS2 Ltd had asserted that a planning application was not required. He questioned this and explained how he believed it was for the Planning Authority to determine the status.

·  Richard Lloyd detailed how HS2’s Environmental Statement advised that a temporary alternative for Kenilworth Greenway would be of an equivalent standard. He expressed concern that it was planned for the Greenway to be fenced at a width of 5 metres.

·  Richard Lloyd highlighted guidance from the British Horse Society, which stated that, for greenways and those considered to be of strategic importance, a 10m width was required.

·  Richard Lloyd expressed concern about wire fencing, especially in regards to wildlife. He also detailed how he believed the proposed design of the Greenway would increase the risk of startling horses.

·  It was highlighted how the proposed Greenway route crossed Red Lane, Hob Lane and Waste Lane – Richard Lloyd emphasised how he believed controlled crossings were required, which also accommodated cyclists and horse riders. Richard Lloyd stressed how he believed the proposals in regards to the Greenway should be subject to a planning application, with public consultation.

·  Richard Lloyd also highlighted how he believed Solihull Council should consult with Parish and Town Councils on the issues affecting their communities.


Jonathan Lord responded to the points raised by Richard Lloyd as follows:

·  Temporary works,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 80.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 194 KB

To receive the minutes of the previous meeting.


The Advisory Group received the minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2019.


Members highlighted that the minutes made reference to an Air Quality information paper being circulated to the Advisory Group and requested an update on this. Jonathan Lord explained it was aimed for the information paper to be shared the following week – it was noted this paper had had to be updated, to take into account points raised by Members at a recent Planning Committee meeting.


(Post meeting note – the Air Quality information paper was circulated to the Advisory Group on 9th October).



That the minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2019 be confirmed as a correct record.


HS2 Key Issues Tracker pdf icon PDF 68 KB

Current version of the Key Issues Tracker attached – Advisory Group to receive update.


Updates were provided on the following items on the Key Issues Tracker:


·  Ref 2 – Chelmsley Wood public space – the Advisory Group was informed how proposals were being developed for potential improvements to facilities at Heath Park and Bluebell Recreation Ground. It was noted how it was aimed to undertake local consultation, in Spring 2020, to be followed by bidding to the HS2 Community and Environment Fund.

·  Ref 3 – Public rights of way – Members emphasised that, for any footpath closure, there needed to be clear signage, as far in advance of the closure as possible.

·  Ref 4 – Loss of green spaces, ref 5 – Habitat and wildlife loss, ref 6 – Severance of wildlife migration routes – Jonathan Lord confirmed it was planned to provide an update on these topics at the Advisory Group meeting in December.

·  Ref 8 – Participation in tree planting – Members stressed the species of tree was critical here, especially due to the potential impact upon air quality.

·  Ref 12 – Archaeology – Jonathan Lord explained that, following the presentation at the previous meeting, it was intended to undertake local engagement events on archaeological digs within the Brough, including with Schools.

·  Ref 15 – Ensuring that local residents have good access to HS2 employment/training opportunities – Jonathan Lord confirmed it was planned to provide the Advisory Group an update on this in December also.

·  Ref 17 – HS2 Ltd Community Fund – Jonathan Lord expressed concerns as there had been a lack of applications to the CEF from Balsall Common, Berkswell and Hampton-in-Arden, whilst successful applications had been submitted in the surrounding areas. Dame Caroline Spelman emphasised the importance of local communities submitting applications to the CEF now, to ensure they secured funding. She requested for these local communities to consider identifying things for young people to do, especially in rural locations. Also it was agreed for examples of successful CEF applications to be circulated to the Advisory Group.


(Post meeting note – the hyperlink below, providing examples of successful CEF applications, was shared with the Advisory Group on 9th October 2019:



Highway Services Update pdf icon PDF 493 KB

To receive a update on the High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) project from the Council’s Highway Services Division. The HS2 Schedule 4 Application Tracker attached for information.


The Advisory Group noted the HS2 Schedule 4 Application Tracker, provided for information.


Programme Update from HS2 Ltd pdf icon PDF 8 MB

Advisory Group to receive update from HS2 Ltd – presentation attached.


Kenilworth Greenway Update


Jamie Bradley, Design Manager, provided the Advisory Group an update on the proposals for Kenilworth Greenway. The points raised included the following:

·  The temporary greenway route had been designed in consultation with the British Horse Society, as well as Warwickshire and Solihull Councils.

·  The greenway would cover three road crossings, on Red Lane, Hob Lane and Waste Lane. HS2 were discussing safe crossings at these locations with Solihull Council and Warwickshire County Council. The width of the greenway track would be 3 metres wide, with half a metre either side.

·  As part of the Greenway design, there was a focus upon minimising hedgerow and tree loss. Also, a horse demounting area would also be provided.


Members and local residents raised the following points:


·  Richard Lloyd queried how the width of the route was complaint with British Horse Society guidance. He detailed how he believed the Society advised that the width for a shared-use bridleway should be 10 metres. Jamie Bradley detailed how Officers had met with the British Horse Society’s representatives and the design of the greenway was in accordance with their guidelines.

·  Sheila Cooper questioned the safety and viability of the temporary greenway and expressed concerns that many horses would be unwilling to pass over the ditch crossings. Members also highlighted the volume of twists and bends on the temporary greenway and queried whether these could be avoided. Jamie Bradley explained that the route had been set out when the HS2 Act had been approved by Parliament. It was noted the bends followed environmental constraints and the lay of the land.

·  Richards Lloyd explained how he believed the temporary greenway should be subject to a planning application and public consultation. Jonathan Lord explained that, whilst there was no requirement for a public consultation, HS2 Ltd were consulting with local groups via Kenilworth Greenway Group and Trust. He also emphasised the proposals for the temporary greenway route had been set out in the HS2 Act, which had been subject to Parliamentary scrutiny, as well as representations from the public at the Committee stage.


Interchange Highways Overview:


Richard Fairhurst, Senior Project Manager LM, provided the Advisory Group an update on the proposed highway works, highlighting the following points:

·  Interchange triangle – Members were updated on on-going works within the triangle, including on-going collaborative works with the Urban Growth Company.

·  Overview of early works programme – Richard Fairhurst informed Members of the locations of the access junctions, compounds and piling mats.

·  Overview of structures programme – Members were informed how these works had started late Summer 2019, through to October 2020 to complete all four bridges. Artist impressions were provided of the bridges.

·  Overview of highways realignment programme – Members were updated on how these works would begin January 2020 for up to 2 years. Richard Fairhurst informed Members of the measures being undertaken to minimise impact on the existing network.


Following queries from Members regarding the construction of the overbridges, Richard Fairhurst detailed how construction of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 84.