Agenda and minutes

HS2 Implementation Advisory Group
Thursday 16th January 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1 Civic Suite. View directions

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Apologies were received from Councillor Rolf.


Declarations of Interest

To receive notification of any declaration of pecuniary and/or conflict of interest from Members.


Councillor Adeyemo made a declaration of interest, on the basis he worked for a company on the panel of insurers in regards to the construction of HS2.



Questions and Deputations

To answer questions, if any, asked by any resident of the Borough pursuant to Standing Orders.


Andrew Burrow requested to make a deputation on behalf of the Berkswell Society.


Andrew Burrow raised the following points:

  • That a Council Officer stated that during the HS2 Bill stages they would look at banning HGV’s on Old Waste Lane apart from for access. There had been HS2 vehicles parked on Old Waste Lane. Mr Burrow requested HGC’s stayed on haul routes and Solihull MBC to see if they had any powers to implement a ban on HGV’s on Old Waste Lane apart for access.
  • In Berkswell Village, a HGV with staff who wore HS2 high visibility jackets unloaded containers on 3rd December 2019. Assurances had been made by HS2 that HGV’s would follow haul routes. A complaint was lodged with HS2 on 12th December 2019 about this as they were concerned it would recur. A response had not been received. Mr Burrow asked why this was the case


The Head of Highway Management stated he would investigate the society’s request for a ban on Old Waste Lane for HGV’s and respond.


Jonathan Lord explained that he was aware of the issue on Old Waste Lane, and this had been responded to. He explained that he would look into the second issue and ensure Mr Burrow received a response.


Richard Lloyd requested to make a personal deputation to the board.


Richard Lloyd raised the following points:

  • That the details about HS2, which included the HS2 Implementation Advisory Group, were difficult for him to access on Solihull Council website.
  • There was only one application which Mr Lloyd could find about a diversion on path M216, even though the footpath remained closed.
  • The Kenilworth Greenway Bridge had been blocked off since November 2019. Mr Lloyd explained that it was a well used amenity, and scaffolding was a better alternative to avoid total closure. Mr Lloyd stated that they would only close the bridge if a diversion was in place, which had not been undertaken.
  • Mr Lloyd asked for an update about the Truggist Farm building which had planning permission to replace and improve the buildings and hardstanding when the new development was made.
  • There had been no engagement about the proposed design for the Temporary Greenway, and requested assurances that it would be ten metres wide and an equivalent standard to the existing route. Also, Mr Lloyd asked about the potential adverse affect on wildlife. Mr Lloyd requested that before the temporary greenway was put into use, HS2 would submit a planning application.
  • The simultaneous closure of Lavender Hall Lane and Truggist Lane was against assurances made in parliament. It was requested that the road works were staggered to reduce congestion issues in and around Berkswell, with effective traffic management and signage between Balsall Common and Berkswell.


In response, officers made the following points:

  • The Democratic Services Officer demonstrated at the meeting that details about HS2 were accessible through the search function on the Solihull Council website.
  • The Head of Highway Management explained that he would check that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 162 KB

To receive the minutes of the previous meeting.


The Advisory Group received the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2019.


Jonathan Lord updated the Board that the Enabling Works contractors’ lorries were Euro 6 compliant for diesel and Euro 4 for petrol engines.


The air quality information paper was circulated to the Advisory Group on 9th October 2019.


HS2 Key Issues Tracker pdf icon PDF 240 KB

Current version of the Key Issues Tracker attached – Advisory Group to receive update.


Updates were provided on the following items on the Key Issues Tracker:


  • Ref 1 – Haul routes – Outlined in the main presentation
  • Ref 2 – Chelmsley Wood public space – HS2 was working with Solihull Council to identify opportunities to improve the space in Heath Park and the surrounding area. There was potential to bid for the HS2 Community Environmental Fund.
  • Ref 3 – Public Rights of Way – Work to protect affected public rights of way is ongoing.
  • Ref 4 – Loss of Green spaces, Ref 5 - Habitat and Wildlife Loss, Ref 6 – Severance of Wildlife Migration Routes – Work to mitigate damage to the wildlife is ongoing and would be covered in the main presentation.
  • Ref 10 – Air Quality – A briefing note to was circulated in October which covered this.
  • Ref 12 – Archaeology – It was stated that there would be an event on 5th February in Coleshill which would outline some important findings into the history of Warwickshire and Solihull.
  • Ref 17 – HS2 Ltd Community Fund – There had been limited uptake of this fund, and the Board were encouraged to identify opportunities to promote it with impacted communities.


Highway Services Update pdf icon PDF 514 KB

To receive a update on the High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) project from the Council’s Highway Services Division. The HS2 Schedule 4 Application Tracker attached for information.


The Head of Highway Management explained that the status for all Schedule 4 works was at the correct stage. An international type road safety assessment had been commissioned to look at mitigation measures, and a response would be provided by March. This was to ensure that there was a positive legacy once HS2 had been built.


Sheila Cooper asked if Schedule N4216 had been approved. The Head of Highway Management advised that he would check.


Programme Update from HS2 Ltd pdf icon PDF 4 MB

HS2 Ltd to provide the Advisory Group updates upon:

·  HS2 Ecological & Environmental works

·  Interchange area Update

·  Main Works Update

·  HS2 Interchange Station Design

·  HS2 local business promotion

·  HS2 Common Design Elements



Interchange Area update


Richard Fairhurst provided an update on the Interchange Area. The following points were raised:

  • At the Birmingham Interchange Station, early works on four bridges and utility diversions outside of Birmingham Business Park and the NEC had been undertaken. Piling had taken place for the new M42 Bridge, and work had been undertaken to create access junctions and piling by the A446. A new roundabout and other new roads would replace the current roundabout at Birmingham Business Park.
  • The new Roundabout over the Trace would involve a series of phasing and closing of roads to create the structures. The M42 will be closed on 8th-9th August 2020 to install the deck, this date has been organised in partnership with different agencies to minimise disruption and ensure that works take place efficiently.
  • A new T-junction would be created at Birmingham Business Park to manage the future traffic flow. This work will be completed during off peak hours, which included night work.
  • The key task for the next three months included the work around the NEC and Birmingham Business Park, to prevent overburden on the traffic network.


Richard Lloyd made the following points in response:

  • There was a flooding risk in the A45/A452, Stonebridge area, what could be done to prevent this. Mr Fairhurst explained that Stonebridge would be rebuilt. The Head of Highway Management also highlighted no work would be undertaken by HS2 south of the island.
  • Could an update be provided on the A45? Mr de Bell explained that it would still be raised but later in the programme. Steps had been undertaken to minimise how much it would be raised.


Main Works Update


Andy De Bell provided an update on the main works. The following points were raised:

  • The Oakervee review had caused uncertainty about the start of the programme. The focus of works at the moment related to preparing the company towards construction, which included getting compounds ready, first on Park Lane then on the M6 just outside of the borough. This will be followed by removing vegetation and land in preparation for the construction of hubs, test piling and preparation of haulage routes.
  • There has been engagement with the Burton Green Tunnel Key Design Element in October 2019, which received a good uptake from the local community. The key feedback from this was that road safety and creation a greenway were key priorities for the local community.
  • The mass haul work will focus on the creation of haul routes which would be away from public areas as much as possible. This would enable work to start quicker and would avoid delays. This would be accomplished through the early creation of crossing and bridges for the lines.


Members of the Board and the general public made the following comments and questions:

  • A Member asked whether the Hall Meadow Road planning application would be submitted before notice to proceed.
  • Ken Blanch of Henley-in-Adren Parish Council asked about where the River Blythe compound would  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Next Meeting


The next meeting was due to take place on 26th March 2020. Jonathan Lord asked whether we would be in purdah at the next meeting. The Democratic Service Officer explained that the meeting was due to go ahead, but if it was affected by purdah, the Board would be updated.