Agenda and minutes

HS2 Implementation Advisory Group - Thursday 21st September 2023 6.00 pm

Venue: Civic Suite

Contact: James Hughes  Democratic Services


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Apologies & Substitutions

To receive any apologies and substitutions.

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Councillors: A Burrow (Chairman), M Wilson, T Dicicco (virtual), H Delaney (virtual) 
















Hayley James, Archaeology & Heritage Advisor, HS2 (virtual) 

James Hicks, Biodiversity Lead, HS2 

Mark Szutenberg, Landscape Design Lead, Design Joint Venture 

Andy De Bell, Balfour Beatty 


Paul Tovey, Head of Highway Management, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 

Derek Lawlor, Group Delivery Manager, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 

Paul Rogers: Democratic Services, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council 


The Economic Development and Managed Growth Scrutiny Board meeting commenced at 6:01 p.m. 





Apologies for absence were received from Councillor B Sleigh OBE, Councillor J Bradley and Mr. Jon Lord (Senior Engagement Manager, HS2). 



Declarations of Interest

To receive notification of any declarations of pecuniary and /or conflict of interests from Members.

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No declarations of interest were received.


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To answer questions and hear deputations, if any, asked by any resident of the Borough pursuant to Standing Orders (Item 12).


A reminder that deputations wishing to be heard shall send to the Chief Executive by 12 noon on the day before the meeting their desire to attend, a notice in writing stating the nature and object of the application or representation proposed to be made.


Please note that the purpose of the HS2 Implementation Advisory Group does not extend to:

·  The review of the principle of or business case for HS2

·  The merits or otherwise of HS2 related applications submitted for determination by Solihull MBC as Local Planning Authority or Local Highway Authority.

Please can you ensure that your deputation is not related to any of these issues.


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No questions or deputations were received. 


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To receive the minutes from the last meeting.

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The HS2 Implementation Advisory Group: 




i.  ToAgree the draft Minutes arising from the HS2 IAG meeting  

  held on 22 July 2023. 


HS2 Update pdf icon PDF 2 MB

To receive an update on the main programme, ecology and archaeology from HS2 Ltd.


Please note more slides will be presented on the evening of the meeting.

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Hayley James (Archaeology & Heritage Advisor, HS2) provided a presentation for the meeting detailing the archaeology discovered to date around the Coleshill area The presentation addressed the following: 


·  HS2 Procedure: Environmental Minimum Requirements 

·  HERDS and Coleshill 

·  Coleshill Park Environs and Study Area 

·  Coleshill Park: Prehistoric Period Findings, Iron Age to Romano British Findings, Medieval and Post Medieval Findings 

·  Coleshill Moated Site 

·  Coleshill Gatehouse 

·  Coleshill Farmhouse / Salvage and recycling of materials in the local area 

·  MM – JV, South of Birmingham Road (Stone Building) 

·  Drayton Bassett 

·  Bickenhill Pit Alignment – Trial Trench Evaluation 

·  Park Lane Spinney to River Blythe Trial Trench Evaluation 

·  Geoarchaeology  

Having received the presentation, Members asked several questions pertinent to the update, which in summary included the following matters: 


Councillor Wilson questioned whether there were any plans to allow visitors to visit the various archaeological sites. Members were advised that: 


·  A lot of the features were classed archaeologically as ‘negative’ i.e., dug into the ground with little to see at surface level. 

·  Regarding the Gatehouse, stones had been lifted and the archaeology team were assessing what could be done with landscape design  

·  Consideration was being given to on-site route ways, managed landscapes, andfuture re-integration of visitors to any open heritage spaces with a heritage design aspect to them. 

Councillor Burrow questioned whether there was any possibility of reconstructing part of the Gatehouse once the rail line had been constructed. Members were advised that the siting and context of a historical structure was extremely important.  If part of the Gatehouse were to be reconstructed away from its original site, the context for the structure would be lost or potentially misleadingTherefore, decisions would be taken as to which materials from the Gatehouse would be reused in a creative and transformational manner to help interpret the area accurately.  


Members thanked Ms. James for her presentation, which was noted. 


 De Bell (Balfour Beatty) informed Members that the next presentational updates would address HS2 biodiversity accounts, construction impacts and managing works around the river Blythe, respectively. 


Mr Hicks introduced the biodiversity accounting update. Members were informed that: 


·  HS2 had been working in partnership with DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) since 2013 on the biodiversity approach to be taken, including withstakeholders. An HS2 Biodiversity Board was in place The biodiversity measures under management were: 



·  Area Habitats (Woodlands) 

·   Hedgerows 

·  Watercourses 


·  Biodiversity needs were calculated before construction works commenced, involving ecologists visitingthe site to survey its baseline biodiversity needs. The resultant calculations would be entered into a programme which gave what biodiversity should be present on the site after construction was completed. 

·  HS2 designed habitat to ensure designs mitigated against any construction impactsThis was achieved though schemes being assessed through the biodiversity metric and calculations for development and construction impacts, which could be minimised through designing out. 

·  Biodiversity calculations were updated annually and published in the HS2 Environment  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


SMBC Highways Verbal Update

To receive a verbal update from SMBC Highways on matters relating to HS2.

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The Head of Highway Management provided a verbal update to the meeting. Following receipt of the update Members raised several related questions and were advised that: 


·  The majority of works were completed at the Birmingham Business Park and NEC junctions. 

·  The roundabout construction on the A446 was scheduled into Spring 2024 before expected completion. 

·  Utility works were scheduled on the A45 which would lead to some lane restrictions. 

·  Kelsey Lane mitigation measures will be completed in October 2023 and the Kelsey/Waste Lane haul route will start being used at its enhanced level in the next 2 months. 

·  Hallmeadow Road is now fully operational The enhanced use of Kelsey/Waste Lane can only take place once both the Kelsey Lane mitigation measures are in place. 

·  In response to Councillor Burrow reporting that various deposits were accumulating at the side of the A452 highway surface, Officers confirmed that they would investigate this matter further in respect of increased frequency of road sweeping of this highway and whether HS2 would be financially responsible 



Having received the verbal update, HS2 IAG: 




  i.To note the issues arising from the verbal report from the Head of Highways Management. 




The HS2 Implementation Advisory Group meeting closed at 7:25p.m.