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CPH Children and Education Decision Session

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Information about CPH Children and Education Decision Session

Primary Responsibilities


StatutoryDesignated LeadMember forChildren's Services

Lead member for oversight of the Children’s Services Improvement Plan, working with the Children’s Commissioner

Early Help and preventionfor childrenand familiesincluding publichealth services, in liaison with CPH for Adult Social Care and Health

Strategicand individualcommissioning foreducation andchildren’s socialcare


Dischargeof statutoryfunctions underall relevantchildren’s socialcare legislation including:

·  Children’ssafeguarding

·  ChildrenLooked After/CareLeavers

·  Childrenwith disabilities

·  Adoptionand Fostering


Strategicoversight ofeducation, includingthe deliveryof:

·  Schoolimprovement/access andplace planning

·  Schoolfunding

·  Specialeducationalneeds

·  Championing vulnerable children and attendance

·  Early years and information, advice and guidance

·  Home to school transport and free school meals

·  Schools Forum, Governor services and Virtual School for Children Looked After.