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Remuneration Committee

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Information about Remuneration Committee

The Committee is authorised to determine any activity within its Terms of Reference and within the parameters of the Pay Policy and budget framework agreed by Council.


1To formulate and recommend to Council a Pay Policy for the remuneration of the Chief Executive, Directors and Heads of Service, having particular regard to the Council’s strategic objectives, equality duties and the need for transparency of process.

Within the terms set out in the Pay Policy agreed by the Council:

2. To consider and approve the severance payments to any member of staff referred to in (1.) above, where the payment exceeds the annual salary of that employee, to ensure consistency, equity and probity in the use of public funds.

3. To consider and, where appropriate, approve all requests for market forces payments and review on an annual basis.

4. To advise on the Council’s position with regards to proposals relating to nationally agreed pay awards.

5. To undertake reviews of relevant pay markets as and when required, and judge where to position Solihull Council in relation to other local authorities, taking into account what they are paying, relative performance and affordability.

6. To approve changes to employee benefits that do not require an amendment to the Pay Policy.

7. To ensure that all provisions regarding disclosure of remuneration are fulfilled.