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CPH Children, Education and Skills Decision Session

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Information about CPH Children, Education and Skills Decision Session

Primary Responsibilities:


Statutory Designated Lead Member for Children's Services

Children & Families Act

Prevention and Early Help Services for children, young people and families -  (Families First, Children’s centres, Youth services, including youth offending services)

Child Protection including CSE

Fostering and Adoption

Nursery, infant, primary and secondary education provision

All education functions 0-18 and 18+ for young people with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities

Dedicated Schools Grant funding

Academies Liaison

Primary Pupil Referral Units (PPRU)

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Admissions, inclusion and access services, exclusions,

Education Welfare Service, Education Support

Home Tuition

External Placements

School transport

School Governors

Schools Forum

Young Carers

Participation (Youth Council, CIC Council, Voice of the Child)

Early Years (Pre-school, Child minders, Playgroups)

Children’s Trust

Virtual Education Service