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CPH Adult Social Care and Health Decision Session

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Information about CPH Adult Social Care and Health Decision Session

Primary Responsibilities:

Statutory Designated Lead Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health

Liaison with the Lead Member for the Solihull Health & Wellbeing Board

Liaison with the Member responsible for Children, Education and Skills to achieve smooth transition of young people to adulthood.

Services which support wellbeing and independence, and tackle health inequalities so the demand for statutory, intensive or long?term services will be reduced.


Discharge of statutory functions under all relevant social services legislation including adult safeguarding, provision of information and advice, and the commissioning and delivery of short-term reablement and long-term social care for:

  Older People

  Disabled adults

  Adults with learning disabilities

  Adults with Mental Health Needs

  Unpaid carers

  All others eligible under the relevant legislation


Adult Social care reforms, including Care Quality Commission assurance.

Performance, quality and sufficiency of adult social care including market shaping duty.

Collaborative commissioning and delivery between social care and NHS partners, including Better Care Fund (BCF) Plan and pooled budget arrangements.

Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS).


Performance and delivery of public health. 

Provision of statutory and other public health services including:

  Sexual health services

  NHS Health?checks

  Lifestyle services including smoking and   physical activity

Health inequalities strategy

Oversight of statutory responsibilities for health protection.