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Solihull Health & Wellbeing Board

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Information about Solihull Health & Wellbeing Board

Solihull Health & Wellbeing Board


The aim of the Board is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Solihull from pre-birth to end of life, reduce inequalities and improve the quality of health and social care services. It will do this by promoting a strategy of prevention, early intervention, re-ablement and rehabilitation; supported wherever possible by community based public health programmes, education, health care and social care.



** Statutory appointments:


**Elected Members of Solihull MBC (Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Lead Member for Children’s Services)

**Director of Public Health

**Director of Adult Social Services

**Director of Children Services.

**Representatives of Voluntary Bodies (2)

**Representatives of Clinical Commissioning Group (2) (One CCG rep. to be elected Vice Chair)

**Representative of Health Watch

**Representative NHS National Commissioning Board

** Strategic Accountability Board


SMBC Opposition Spokespersons are invited to attend and speak at Board meetings but are not entitled to vote.


Non-statutory members of the Health and Wellbeing Board:


Birmingham & Solihull MH Foundation Trust

Heart of England Foundation Trust

Solihull Community Housing

Representative of Solihull Local Policing Unit

Representative West Midlands Fire and Rescue