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Programme Update from HS2 Ltd

To receive a programme update from HS2 Ltd.


The Senior Engagement Manager for HS2 introduced the programme update.


The Community Engagement Lead for LM explained that the temporary Greenway diversion would be opened in late January or early February 2021. All road closures were now finished. Extra wood chips would be laid over the Christmas period to make sure the path was in good condition. They had collaborated with Berkswell Parish Council and other local organisations to give out free wood chip. They have also donated wood carved animals to ten schools and charities along the route.


The Engagement Manager for the Interchange Area for LM provided their latest update:

  • LM staff alongside Birmingham Business Park had contributed over £500 to the Colebridge Trust social supermarket, Around Again.
  • There had been ecological webinars in November, and they would seek to host more in 2021 in collaboration with HS2 Ltd.
  • Enabling works in the Interchange Area focussed on the future road network; to ensure it was fit for purpose when the Interchange Station was opened. The steps taken were outlined in the presentation.
  • LM would shut down all activity in the Interchange Area on 18th December. There would be a small amount of traffic management in this area over the festive period.
  • In 2021, they would need to complete a number of follow up works for the road networks such as drainage connections and the reinstatement of traffic carriageway lighting. This would be through a series of 24-hour lane closures on the M42 and A446 in January 2021.


Ms Sheila Cooper asked whether the surface of the Greenway would be woodchip. The Community Engagement Lead for LM explained that the temporary surface was woodchip, but the permanent surface would be suitable for all users. Ms Cooper then asked whether the parapets on the roundabout over the HS2 trace would be sufficiently high to prevent the distraction from the trains. The Engagement Manager for the Interchange Area confirmed there would be appropriate safety measures in place.


The Community Engagement Specialist and the Stakeholder Manager for BBV gave the following update on the main works:

  • A number of compounds would be established in the Solihull area. Once these had been created, they would be the base for operation and would also be used as internal haul roads, which would reduce the requirements for traffic measures.
  • The design and traffic management plans about the construction of the three bridges on the Solihull section of the route would be confirmed by the next meeting.
  • In the Interchange Area next year, LM would hand over to BBV to start its phase of the ground works to bring together the new road alignments to the Interchange system.
  • The A45 Overbridge design includes future proofing to enable it to be widened in the future. There was a number of utilities along this route, which would have to be investigated during the design phase to allow design finalisation.
  • A material laboratory would be included in the new compound on Coleshill Heath Road. This would enable tests on materials such as concrete to be carried out. There would be 100 new jobs created at the site.
  • In 2021, there was notification of test piling on Diddington Lane, which would involve temporary road closures. Residents and stakeholders were informed of this.
  • It was still planned to use Hallmeadow Road as a haul route. Environmental considerations continued to be worked upon prior to any applications being made.


Members made the following comments and questions:

  • A Member asked what communications would take place in relation to the use of Hallmeadow Road. The Stakeholder Manager for BBV explained that a lot of background work had taken place, such as conversations with Parish Councils. Future communications would take place with residents groups and parish councils as proposals were developed further.
  • A Member commented on the tree clearance on the side of the A452 between Balsall Common and Hampton in Arden. She also noted there was a number of bottles that had been thrown into the clearance by the road, and asked if they could be removed. The Senior Engagement Manager for HS2 Ltd stated this would be followed up.
  • A Member queried whether there would be capacity on the A45 bridges for a cycle lane. The Senior Project Manager stated a response would be provided at the next meeting of the board in March.
  • A Member stated there was a concern among residents about the mud on Waste Lane. The Senior Engagement Manager for HS2 confirmed a response would be provided.


A Member shared the following comments and questions from Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council:

  • They were glad to see the traffic calming measures from the HS2 Road Safety Fund was in the process of being implemented.
  • They asked for an update on the design for the Interchange Area and the Stage 2 Safety Audit that would follow the detailed design. The Senior Project Manager explained that this stage of the process was quite late in the overall programme but it would include the road safety audit. The Engagement Manager for the Interchange Area for LM explained that they had liaised with Hampton-in-Arden Parish Council and would update them on the design process.
  • They queried the progress of the plans for the construction of the HS2 line after the completion of the civil works. The Senior Engagement Manager for HS2 stated a response to this query would be provided outside of the meeting.
  • They enquired about the amount of site clearance between Patrick Bridge and Balsall Common. The Senior Engagement Manager for HS2 stated an answer to this question would be provided outside of the meeting.


Mr Richard Lloyd asked whether Diddington Lane would be closed for pedestrians. The Stakeholder Communications Officer for BBV responded that pedestrian access would be open at most times and the road would only be closed when necessary.


Ms Sheila Cooper asked whether Euro 6 lorries would be used for this work. The Senior Project Manager for BBV confirmed that it was part of the specification for the main works.

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