Agenda item

Solihull 2020 Place Survey

To inform Solihull Health & Wellbeing Board of the findings of the 2020 Place Survey.


Sarah Barnes, Head of Business Intelligence and Improvement, presented the report, which updated the Board on the findings of the 2020 Place Survey. She explained how the Place Survey was a local resident perception survey undertaken; every two years – for 2020, the survey focused on the following two broad elements:

·  Satisfaction with life in Solihull and community; and

·  Questions to assess the impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing.


Sarah Barnes detailed how there were a number of positive findings stemming from the Place Survey – this included how a large majority of people were satisfied with their areas as a place to live. She also explained how there was a mixed result in regards to civic participation, whilst there had been a downward trend in the percentage of people feeling safe after dark in North Solihull.


Sarah Barnes also explained how the Place Survey was used and its findings addressed. This included informing the development of strategies that supported better health and wellbeing outcomes, such as the Health Inequalities Strategy. In regards to next steps the results of the place survey were due to be presented to the Safer Solihull Board at their next meeting. It was also noted the results would be shared with the North Locality Group to consider, in particular resident’s perception of safety after dark.


Members raised the following queries and observations.

·  Councillor Grinsell expressed her thanks to all the officers involved in the completion of the survey. She highlighted how the survey was undertaken via telephone and queried whether there were any plans to conduct future surveys online.

·  Sarah Barnes explained the rationale behind undertaking a telephone survey was to help ensure a representative sample of the local population. It was agreed the use of online surveys was something that could be explored for future surveys.

·  Councillor Sexton highlighted the question ‘do people from a different background get on well together?’ She queried the rationale behind this question and also how respondents may have understood it.

·  Sarah Barnes explained how a national Place Survey used to be undertaken and a decision was made locally that it was helpful to continue with this question. It was explained how the question was focusing on diversity in all its forms, including age, gender, disability and ethnicity. Sarah Barnes confirmed she could share the detailed wording of the question outside of the meeting. She also explained it could be possible to provide a breakdown of the responses to this question, according to the different groups.

·  Councillor Sexton flagged up how 46 percent of respondents believed their area had got worse over the last 2 years and queried whether there was any further information available on this.

·  Sarah Barnes detailed how they had assessed these individuals’ responses to other questions in the survey, in particular the things that needed improving in their local area, such as levels of crime and traffic congestion. She explained how a further breakdown of this was provided in the detailed Place Survey findings report.



The Health & Wellbeing Board:

(i)  Noted the key findings of the 2020 Place Survey, and:

(ii)  Noted how the findings of the survey are being used and its findings addressed; and

(iii)  Requested that further potential ways of engaging with local residents be explored for future Place Surveys, including the possible use of online surveys.


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