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The purpose of this report is to update Members on progress with the Council’s key programme, ‘a Corporate Approach to Delivering an Asset Masterplan’ and the key priorities for implementation of the Strategy.


The report before the Scrutiny Board updated Members on progress with the Council’s key programme, ‘a Corporate Approach to Delivering an Asset Masterplan’ and the key priorities for implementation of the Strategy.  The report was presented by the Assistant Director, (Finance and Property Services).


Members of the Scrutiny Board raised a number of questions pertaining to the report.  In response, Members were advised that:

  • Approval and viability testing of the Strategy had been secured and first phase implementation had commenced with the Council’s office accommodation phase, before proceeding to phase 2.  Members were informed that it was very likely that Solihull was the only Council in the West Midlands region to be operating at this time on a service model, rather than a corporate landlord model. The Corporate Landlord Model was expected to support in the delivery of savings from the Council’s property portfolio, health and safety arrangements and relevant data sharing.


  • It was expected that the Corporate Landlord Model would lead to greater dialogue with service areas through the Strategic Asset Management Plans (SAMPS) as to how the design of the property portfolio could support service delivery to residents in the borough and to ensure that the available property could serve residents and businesses needs in the best way possible via the SAMPS process.


  • The Corporate Landlord Model will ensure the co-ordination and review of health and safety requirements is undertaken, maintenance schedules are observed, that building maintenance budgets are spent and relevant legislation observed and implemented in a timely fashion to ensure on-going legal compliance.


  • Members were advised that new Property Information Manager’s post was currently being worked up in respect of the duties, responsibilities and demarcation across service areas.  It was expected that the role would also entail supporting information and data analysis for future strategy development.


  • Regarding the property portfolio’s refurbishment and upgrades in relation to supporting the Council’s carbon reduction agenda, Members were informed that the Council’s corporate approach to managing the property Portfolio entailed assessing longer term viability. Accordingly, planned maintenance works took into account Net Zero objectives and whole life costing issues and life cycles of buildings. For example, work was undertaken to review gas supply arrangements and how alternative energy sources could continue to be made use of.  A similar outlook was taken when planning for new development e.g. school expansions. Wherever possible, buildings within the Property Portfolio were fitted with light / motion sensors to ensure light sources were switched off in unoccupied rooms and buildings.


  • It was confirmed that review of the Property Portfolio was part of the Corporate Landlord Model, which in effect entailed review of the property performance matrix, carbon footprint, utility costs, building purposes and functions, all of which would go towards determining whether the property asset was to be retained or disposed of.


  • In respect of the flexibility of the Corporate Landlord Model and accompanying SAMPS, Members were advised that SAMPS would be produced for each property within the Portfolio and would be kept updated for the needs of each respective service, which in turn would determine which assets were retained and which Council services delivered from them. 


Having considered the report, Members of the Resources and Delivering Value Scrutiny Board:




(i)  To note the progress made so far with delivering the Asset Masterplan  programme;


(ii)  To agree that the progress made in implementing the Asset Masterplan programme was satisfactory; and,


(iii)  To agree to receive further update reports on the Corporate Approach to Delivering an Asset Masterplan at the Resources and Delivering Value Scrutiny Board meetings scheduled for July 2021 and September/October 2021 (subject to confirmation).





The Resources and Delivering Value Scrutiny Board meeting

Closed at 7:23 p.m.


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