Agenda item

Questions and Deputations

To answer any questions, if any asked by any resident of the Borough pursuant to Standing Orders.


Ms Sheila Cooper presented a deputation on behalf of the CPRE Warwickshire in relation to the construction of the Kenilworth Greenway diversion. The Senior Community Engagement Manager noted that the temporary Greenway was subject to a ‘bringing into use’ planning application, and therefore could prejudice the planning process. They did note that an update would be circulated on the Greenway and shared with the Group. There had also been positive comments on the scheme shared with the Senior Community Engagement Manager.


Mr Richard Lloyd made a presentation on the archaeological status of the Kenilworth Greenway, as well as about the impact of fencing on wildlife on the route of the temporary Greenway.


In relation to the archaeological and historical importance of the route, the Senior Community Engagement Manager explained that he would provide a substantive response by email and explained that the route had been thoroughly investigated. There was not considered to be any requirement for additional surveys or archaeological work on the route. The Chairman noted that there was a hope that when the Kenilworth Greenway reopened it would be fit for purpose and main features were retained as far as possible, and the Group would continue to monitor the progress.


Ms Cooper queried what would happen to the Victorian bridge and features during the construction process. The Head of Stakeholder Engagement (BBV) explained that during the construction phase, the Kenilworth Greenway would be removed and upon completion, it would be reopened. There would be some changes, and there would not be the reinstatement of the bridges and tunnels that had been removed. It was requested that further clarity on the reinstatement of the Kenilworth Greenway would be shared with the Group.


The Group Development Manager responded to Mr Lloyd’s points on fences on the temporary Greenway and stated that it was a permissive route managed by the Kenilworth Greenway Trust rather than a Public Right of Way. As the planning application was to be considered, only general comments on fencing could be provided. The Senior Community Engagement Manager noted that stock proof fencing was used and a response on the appropriateness of this had previously been circulated.


Ms Cooper made a personal deputation which outlined concerns about the construction phase of the project on local residents. The Chairman concurred that it would be important for HS2 Ltd to retain the confidence of local residents during the construction phase. The Senior Community Engagement Manager explained that they had to abide by the Code of Construction Practice and any issues should be reported to the HS2 Helpdesk.


A Member stated that contractors were not using the B4118 designated route from Water Orton through Castle Bromwich, instead they have used B4114 to get to the M6. They also asked about the route to link the Water Orton depot to the HS2 link road. The Head of Stakeholder Engagement explained that Highways England were in the process of removing the Smart Motorway Technology connections, which would take place until April. At this point, the alterations could be made to the hard shoulder which would prevent the B4118 being used. The Head of Stakeholder Engagement also requested that any details about contractors who used the incorrect route were recorded with, if possible, vehicle registrations and shared through the HS2 Helpdesk.