Agenda item

Integrated Care System - update

Board to receive a verbal update from Dame Yve Buckland, Chair of the ICS.


Paul Jennings provided the following update upon the introduction of the Integrated Care System:

·  The White Paper had recently been published, which set out the proposals for the creation of an integrated care system and the way it would work.

·  A big theme stemming from the White Paper included bringing together large scale providers, whereby they built on the experiences and learning stemming from the pandemic response.

·  There was also a significant focus on place and Paul Jennings detailed how the Birmingham and Solihull ICS covered 32 Primary Care Networks, each of 30,000-50,000 population. Here they were focusing upon what an integrated approach to care would mean for each of these areas.

·  Paul Jennings detailed how they were linking with Healthwatch, focusing upon the need for engagement and co-production of services at place level.

·  A key area of focus of the ICS would be addressing inequalities – the update, scheduled later on the agenda regarding the Birmingham and Solihull ICS Inequalities Work Programme was noted.

·  A further change stemming from the ICS was how organisations would relate to each other and how resources would move around the system. The focus would be upon organisations collectively achieving better outcomes for residents’.

·  Further areas of focus included partners building upon their digital offer, as well as ensuring best use of estate and assets.


Dame Yve Buckland also provided a verbal update, highlighting the following points:

·  One of the ambitions of the ICS locally was to build on the solid foundations established by BSol, in particular the partnership between the health sector and Local Government, which included the local Health and Wellbeing Boards.

·  Place was also a major area of focus – there would be a continued emphasis upon bringing local people and partners together in order to plan to meet needs, at the right level.

·  It was recognised that the health sector and local partners had had to focus upon the pandemic response and were now beginning to deliver the restoration and recovery of services – there was a need to clearly link this with the ambitions of the ICS.

·  The ICS Board would look to identify clear objectives and health outcomes, against which they would measure and review progress.


Councillor Grinsell welcomed the focus upon Solihull and place. She also welcomed the involvement of local GP’s, who, as part of the Covid-19 response, had expressed an interest in working in close collaboration with the CCG and Local Authority going forward.


Jenny Wood raised the following points:

·  As part of the next steps, it was key that the right work happened at the right level. It was important to make sure it wasn’t just a top down approach, but also ensure focus upon the place-level work required to fulfil the ICS ambitions and it was positive that both elements were progressing in Solihull.

·  For Solihull, the Health and Wellbeing Board needed to consider how they would work together going forward, to ensure clear linkages with the work of the ICS, as well as what was happening at a local level in Solihull. The importance of clear linkages with Solihull Together was also emphasised as a key part of the place based delivery arrangements.