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Risk Management Information Report - Public


 As part of the Council’s Risk Management Approach, Audit Committee:

·  Monitors the effective development and operation of risk management.

·  Considers compliance with the Risk Management Policy and Procedure.


Mark Wills presented the report as set out in the agenda pack.


Questions included:

·  Tony Beirne – On p.37 there seem to be a lot of measures being taken to mitigate the risk, but we aren’t seeing the risk reduce from red. Is it possible to have a narrative report setting out in some more detail what the aspirations and timescales are as well as when we will start to see the risk move down? Can we also have the same for the risk identified on p.38?

o  P Johnson – The committee have previously asked for a report on these matters, that was produced and presented at the last meeting in July. The minutes of the meeting that you have approved today stated The Committee unanimously considered the information provided in the report and determined that no further information or updates on the issues in the report were needed.” But that doesn’t seem to have captured accurately the flavour of what everybody is saying and wondered whether we need a half yearly on these significant matters so that the committee get regular review of these key items that you have identified.

§  T Beirne – I noted when I received the pack that there is a lot of work ongoing, and that organisational change doesn’t happen overnight. I will take advice from the committee, but I am wondering if something quarterly, that is more narrative would keep us better in the loop. The Risk Management report is great but is more factual and when the officers come to speak to us it is more contextual.

ACTION: Democratic Services to work with Officers to ensure a quarterly narrative report is produced on; Overall Financial Position, Childrens Services Position and Adult Health and Social Care Position.

·  M Burnett – Is it possible to see emerging risks added to the report?

o  This report only focuses on corporate risks as it is the corporate risks that fall under the purview of the Audit Committee. We can look at how we could potentially build in emerging risks, Appendix C has been an ongoing process where we have tried to build something to allow the committee to review the risks. The other point I would refer to is that the column which identifies the action statis should go someway to identifying if progress is being made on managing the risks and we will go away and look at how we can make that clearer for the committee so that in conjunction with the proposed narrative report it is clear what progress is being made on the most serious risks.

ACTION: M Wills to review the format of the action status column to see if more detail can be added.

·  Tony Beirne - David Page has asked me to ask on his behalf whether all Council bodies are now following the Council’s process for safeguarding checks?

o  Tim Browne – I am not aware of any bodies that aren’t following the process. There are regular audits undertaken to ensure that the process is being followed.

·  Cllr A Sandison – It is disappointing to see that the net number of risks in Childrens Services has increased despite the number of measures the Council has taken.

o  T Browne – The number has increased but that is because we have got better at identfying risks.



Decision recommended

The Audit Committee are asked to consider the information provided in this report and determine whether any further action is needed in respect of the identified corporate risks.



The Audit Committee considered the information provided in the report and determined that it wished to have a quarterly report to provide more narrative on some of the larger risks.


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