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ICT Capital Project Update

26/10/2018 - ICT Capital Project Update

The Cabinet Member for Resources and Delivering Value RESOLVED to:


(i)  note the current status of the Capital ICT Projects Programme;


(ii)   approve the following allocations from the Capital ICT Projects Programme:


Ø  £13,000 to enhance the current Exacom Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) & S106 system to include a Public Facing Module (PFM) and CIL Calculator.


Ø  £180,000 to provide additional funds to support the implementation of the new Adults and Children’s Social Care ICT system for the 12 months beginning 1st April 2019.


Ø  £250,000 to cover the software, hardware, consultancy and internal staffing requirements required to implement a new corporate web site.


Ø  £8,500 to support an upgrade to the Solihull Youth Offending Service CareDirector case management software.


(iii)  approve the transfer of outstanding balances from the completed projects listed below to the Capital Programme ICT Projects Fund:


Ø  £124 from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance project.


Ø  £1,405 from the File Magic replacement project.


Ø  £1,677 from the Planning – implementation of street naming and numbering project.