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PL/2022/00553/TPO - Blythswood 40 Blossomfield Road

Meeting: 05/10/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 8)

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A split decision with conditional approval, as per the Officer recommendation, to approve the felling of the 3 Beech, 1 Horse Chestnut and 1 Oak tree but retain the Sweet Chestnut. Condition CT03 to be deleted together with the informative relating to replacement tree planting and species and replaced with a new condition to read:-

(3) Within the first available planting season following the felling of the tree/trees replacement trees shall be planted in accordance with details confirming size, species, numbers and location to be first agreed with the Local Planning Authority in writing. These details shall demonstrate the following:


T1 (Oak) – to be replaced by a heavy standard Ulmas (disease resistant Elm);

T2 (Horse Chestnut) – to be replaced by a heavy standard Sheriden Spire or heavy standard Liquid Amber (relatives of a Lime tree);

T4 T5 T6 (Beeches) – to be replaced by a heavy standard Liquid Amber or heavy standard Magnolium Lime.


These details must be agreed before the removal of the trees unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority.


In the interests of the character of the area in accordance with Policy P15 of the Solihull Local Plan 2013.



Councillor Diana Holl-Allen advised that she knew Ms Orton and took no part in the proceedings.


Ms Susie Orton spoke against the application whilst Mrs Linda Hughes-Jones spoke in support.