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HS2 Implementation Advisory Group

This page lists the meetings for HS2 Implementation Advisory Group.


Information about HS2 Implementation Advisory Group


·  To lead and coordinate the Council’s engagement with local communities, businesses & other stakeholders, particularly in relation to HS2 construction and delivery arrangements and activities;

·  To lead and coordinate the Council’s engagement with HS2 Ltd, Government and other relevant bodies, on matters relating to construction and delivery throughout the HS2 programme of works; and

·  To provide advice and guidance relating to the construction of HS2


Note: the purpose of the Implementation Advisory Group does not extend to the review of the principle of or business case for HS2, or to the merits or otherwise of HS2 related applications submitted for determination by Solihull MBC as Local Planning Authority.



·  To develop and agree an SMBC Engagement Plan for HS2 matters;

·  To raise awareness of HS2 construction activities;

·  To invite, receive and consider representations on HS2 delivery and construction arrangements from HS2 Ltd, and from local Parish Councils & communities, businesses and other stakeholders both on Borough wide and more local issues;

·  To provide a forum for local interests to engage with the Council and HS2 Ltd on matters relating to construction and delivery and in doing so, meet at least quarterly to review the implementation of HS2 and to offer advice for consideration throughout its construction; and

·  To exercise any powers that may be delegated to the Implementation Advisory Group by the Council, Full Cabinet, Cabinet Members or Scrutiny Boards