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Solihull Safeguarding Adults Annual Report

Health and Wellbeing Board to be invited to receive the Solihull Safeguarding Adults Annual Report.


The Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) Independent Chair invited the Board to receive the SSAB Annual Report, the easy-to-read Annual Report and the Strategic Plan for 2022-23. The points raised included the following:

·  Figures for Safeguarding concerns and enquiries had both increased in the last year, compared with 2020/21, as we moved out of Covid lockdowns.

·  The top 3 types of abuse were neglect, physical and psychological.

·  The evidence demonstrated that individuals from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic population were underrepresented in safeguarding enquiries, compared to the general population. The report outlined the work being undertaken here by the Performance and Audit and Engagement and Prevention Subcommittees.

·  The work undertaken in regards to the 3 priorities for 2021-22 were outlined – these were Exploitation Reduction, Strengthen and clarify the relationship and governance between the three boards and Health and Wellbeing Board and Safeguarding Adults Reviews.

·  The Strategic Plan for 2022-23 was highlighted and the Priority for 2022-23 was ‘Oversight of quality and risk, with due consideration given to the long-term impact of Covid-19, considering the learning to date.


Members raised the following questions:

·  Councillor Grinsell highlighted the Priority for 2022-23, outlined above and queried how this would be progressed over the course of the year.

·  The Independent Chair detailed how, over the year, each of the SSAB’s Sub-Committees would be focusing upon ensuring effective arrangements were in place for the identification of risks and quality issues for their area of scope. The risks, mitigations and any recommendations from the subcommittees would be formally reported to the SSAB, to support it in its assurance and oversight role.

·  Jenny Wood emphasised how the Strategic Plan reflected the partners’ ambitions to ensure effective oversight of risk and quality assurance, particularly recognising how care arrangements have changed through the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus of the subcommittees over the next year would be to ensure there were robust arrangements in place.

·  Councillor Grinsell also requested an update on the on-going impact of the Vulnerability Tracker.

·  The SSAB Manager detailed how the data collected via the Vulnerability Tracker had allowed the safeguarding partners to identify themes and trends and consider potential mitigating actions. She detailed how the Exploitation Reduction Delivery Group had identified further areas they wished to be covered by the Vulnerability Tracker, as it was believed there was underreporting in regards to the exploitation of girls. It was also planned, as part of the SSAB team meeting the following day, to hold a focus session on the Tracker, following the collation of 12 months of data.

·  Jenny Wood detailed how, after reviewing the evidence including that from the Vulnerability Tracker, additional Social Work capacity to respond to adult exploitation was being developed. It was also noted that reporting on the work of the Exploitation Reduction Delivery Group was scheduled as part of the Health and Wellbeing Board’s work programme.



The Health and Wellbeing Board received and endorsed the

(i)  The Solihull Safeguarding Adults Annual Report for 2021-22

(ii)  The Easy to Read Annual Report for 2021-22; and

(iii)  The 2021-22 Safeguarding Adults Board Strategic Plan for 2022-23.


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