Agenda item

Employment and Skills Support

To update the Health and Wellbeing Board on Employment and Skills activity delivered by the Council, particularly in supporting our more vulnerable residents and contributing to health and wellbeing.


The Head of Inclusive Growth presented the report, which updated the Health and Wellbeing Board on Employment and Skills activity delivered by the Council, particularly in supporting more vulnerable residents and contributing to health and wellbeing. The following points were raised:

·  The Employment and Skills team had been part of the Public Health Directorate since December 2019, to help support a more integrated health and wellbeing offer.

·  Solihull continued to have a relatively strong labour market; however, it was recognised there were continued challenges in the North of the Borough, whilst there was an increasing number of residents looking for work with a disability or health condition.

·  Young People not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) was a key group the Council’s Employment and Skills Service focused on as part of the overall approach to improving life chances and reducing health inequalities.

·  There was a range of specialist support in place – the report outlined the work undertaken by the Team, in partnership with colleagues across the Council, to create and support access to employment opportunities for local people with a learning disability.

·  The Employment and Skills Team were closely working with Adult Social Care and the wider ICS on a range of projects to help increase capacity in the health and social care workforce.


Members raised the following queries:

·  Councillor Grinsell detailed how she welcomed, in particular, the work undertaken at the Youth Hub in Chelmsley Wood, to help young people to find employment, training opportunities or access into education. Councillor Grinsell emphasised the volume of vacancies across the Borough and queried whether there was any potential for links with local employers to be strengthened further, to enable more targeted support.

·  Councillor Gough thanked the officers for all the work outlined in the report. He queried whether there were any measures that could be undertaken, to further strengthen links with and referrals into the Employment and Skills Team.

·  The Interim Director of Children’s Services detailed how there was currently focus upon this, including identifying opportunities for internships, as well as working with Public Health and schools, to help identify children and young people most at risk, to ensure they were targeted with the correct support. He confirmed how they were also looking at opportunities to strengthen the Post-16 offer.

·  Councillor Dicicco queried the work being undertaken to link people looking for work within the Borough with local employers who are experiencing shortages, citing, as an example, the Airport.

·  The Head of Inclusive Growth confirmed they were working directly with the Airport and detailed how they had recently appointed an officer, as part of the Employment and Skills Team, who had previously managed a job centre at the Airport. She also detailed the close work currently being undertaken with the Health sector, via the ICS, to enable local unemployed people to access training and jobs.



The Health and Wellbeing Board:

(i)  Noted and endorsed how the Employment and Skills team is developing and enhancing its services to ensure that residents are able to access opportunities and are supported to overcome barriers to employment, particularly in relation to health and wellbeing.

(i)  Endorsed the work, outlined above and within the report, to help further strengthen links with local employers, to enable more targeted support for local residents.


Supporting documents: