Committee details

Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Making decisions on the town and country planning and development control matters within the terms of reference of the Planning Committee including the following:-

  • The approval of development which would be a substantial departure from the Development Plan.
  • The approval of development which would have a significant impact outside of its immediate vicinity, e.g. it would generate significant volumes of traffic noise or atmospheric pollution; or it would have significant impact on the pattern of trading; or it would be prominent on the landscape.
  • Where the proposed development has given rise to a substantial weight of public concern.

Executive powers: The Committee shall have power to determine all matters within its terms of reference.

The above is given as a summary only; the full version of the delegation agreement can be found in the Planning Committee Handbook.




During the Covid 19 pandemic virtual Planning Committee meetings are taking place.

Any member of the press and public may listen to proceedings at this virtual meeting via the Council website.

Members of the press and public may tweet, blog etc. during the live broadcast, as they would be able to during a regular Committee meeting in the Council Offices.

It is important, however, that Councillors can discuss and take decisions without disruption, so the only participants in this virtual meeting will be the Councillors concerned and the officers advising the Committee.


Public Speaking on Planning Applications at Virtual Committee Meetings

Any members of the public who are registered and wish to make representations to the committee following the publication of an agenda can do so by joining the remote meeting and instructions on how to do this will be provided to those who register to speak.  Registered speakers will also be required to provide a written statement which will be read out at the relevant time in the meeting in the event that the speaker fails to join the remote meeting.  Submissions must not exceed the permitted 3 minutes speaking time when read out.

In the event of more than one applicant, supporter or objector wishing to address the Committee, a spokesperson should be nominated who will submit representations on behalf of all registered speakers.

Ward Members may address the Committee by joining the meeting and also submitting a written statement which will be read out in the meeting if the member fails to join the remote meeting.  Submissions must not exceed 4 minutes speaking time when read out.

Submissions must be emailed to  by 12 noon on the day immediately preceding the virtual Committee meeting.


Webcasting Meetings


Planning Committee meetings are now webcast so please check the webcasting page to view the list of meetings that can be viewed live. All our webcasts will be archived within two working days and will be available to watch online for 12 months from the date of the meeting.


The Council has agreed a Webcasting Protocol to assist the conduct of webcast meetings and to ensure that in doing so the Council is compliant with its obligations under the Data Protection and Human Rights legislation.




Contact information

Support officer: David Acton. Email:

Phone: 0121 704-6156